Can T Stop Thinking And Crying

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Missykrissy - July 24

Hi! I'm new to this forum and spend the past 3 days reading all the posts on this forum. I'm so sorry for all your losses!Last Thursday, I just for my first u/s of my first pg at 12weeks 6 days (with the feeling of excitement to see my baby for the first time on screen) and was shock when I saw the screen with an empty black hole as I hear the dr say 'things are not looking the way they should be'...I was dignose with an blighted ovum with a gestation sac of a 8 week size. After hearing these words, it felt like my whole world went upside down! It's been 4 days now and I can't stop crying! Everything I do reminds me of the baby that I lost (although I know now there was never a baby in there since the sac was empty) but to me I was still pregnant for 3 months and had developed attachment to my baby already! I couldn't believe there the gestation sac is empty as I had zero symptoms of miscarriage (no bleeding and no cramping yet). I just feel very terrible right now after the shock of such news and waiting for the Miscarriage to happen. I'm schedule to see the doctor again in 2 days. I just want to know if u had any advice on how I can cope with all the crying and thinking and what I should expect when miscarrying of an blighted ovum. I have not yet decided as to which way I will want to Miscarry yet (natural, medical, or d&c) as I couldn't pay attention to what the dr said when he broke the sad news to me. Hopefully I can go back on Tuesday with a clearer mind to listen to my options.


7112anna79 - July 27

Hi Missy Krissy I am so sorry for your loss and completely understand your pain, it has been a little over 2 weeks for me and i still feel sad, its the first thing i think about when i wake up and the last thing before i go to sleep, gradually it is getting easier, i still have a cry everyday but that makes me feel a little better. I took a low dosage of vallum for the first week after which really helped with my anxiety and sudden outbursts of crying, but feel i dont need it now as i am trying to refocus my thoughts on keeping busy, getting my body healthy and trying again soon, even though i am scared as. My scans revielied anencephaly- servere defect incompatable with life, i was advised by doctors to terminate as our baby would not survive much past birth, so i choose a D&C. i had my scan around 13 weeks and could hear a heart beat which made it hard to cope with our decision. I went into the d&C crying and came out Crying but i did have a big sense of relief that it was over and done with, quickly and no pain (besides emotional)and that my body is now on the way to repairing and getting ready to try again. Sorry i couldnt help you with letting you know what to expect in a natural miscarrage, i hope you can find peace and im sure whatever option you choose it will be best for you. xx



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