Cant Wait To Get Pregnant Again

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kelly - April 17

I was pregnant with my first child 13 wks, but I had a missed misscarriage 9 wk fetus, ie no signs of misscarriage. I had a d&c three days ago and wonder if anyone has had successful pregnancy after first misscarriage? and how long did you wait until you started trying?


staci - April 17

I am wondering and hoping for the same thing! I m/c on 3/27 and want to get pregnant again as soon as I can and am afraid that this will occur again, how to know when to try? I have heard of others getting pregnant w/o a period after a m/c?! any thoughts?


Kathy Z. - April 18

Kelly, I've definately heard (even on this board) of women getting pg right after m/c. I m/c on 3/22 (12 wks). My doc told me to wait one cycle, but dh and I started ttc again right away. I think I ovulated while I was still bleeding though, so I think I missed the boat this month. I think it all depends on how you feel.


Liz - April 18

I hear ya, but I'm afraid it's not going to happen for me. Ofcourse, not knowing what's going on is driving me crazy. It's been four weeks since my d&c and today I finally got a bfn. I've been taking hpts to see if and when my hormones went down. Thing is I have never noticed before or know when I ovulate, so who knows. Dh and I have been dtd every other day and sometimes in between since I stopped bleeding. And I would hope that somehow it has worked. I just wonder if my hcg would go down, from the m/c, before it shows up from the next pregnancy?


Kathy Z. - April 18

Liz, it's really amazing how different each of our bodies is. How far along were you? My hpt's starting giving me BFN 2 weeks after m/c (I was 12 wks, had a D&C) How awfully ironic is it to be looking forward to a BFN? Uggh! That was driving me crazy! But at least you got to that point now, so you should look at that as a good thing. Maybe now your body is ready again. Good luck to you!!


staci - April 18

hi ladies-i took a hpt 2 weeks post D&C last week and had a BFN...would this be a__sumed that my levels are down to 0 from what I am reading? I just want to know when I am ovulating so that we can ttc!!! we have started to ttc last monday, 2 weeks post m/c, any insight that anyone has as to when best days/times are to ttc?


TASHANA - April 23



Kathy K. - April 24

Tashana, When did you get a post_tive HPT???????? What date?


krissy - April 24

I did- I had a m/c w/a d/c in november, I found out I was pg on Christmas eve


staci - April 25

when is it time to test for pg after a m/c? I am now 4 weeks past D&C and have been ttc for 2 weeks now and not sure how long I should wait to find out if I am pg...have not had af yet! any thoughts?


-p- - April 25

why not wait until you are fully healed physically and emotionally. i've heard many women on this forum say they got preg just after their miscarriage which is great - it's awesome. but why not wait it out just a bit? i know i've wanted to try immidiately, but my DH said to wait, and it turned out that i still had some retained material which needed to be cleaned before we could try again. why not get a clean bill of health and then try again? even it that means waiting a month or two?


bump - April 26

bumpity bump


tashana - April 28

i got a postive pg test on 4/21/05.Had blood test done to comfirm but today i misscarried 4/28/05.Don't know why this is.


amy - May 6

I had a missed m/c two days after christmas (9 weeks) and a d/c Jan 4th. My doc said wait at least 1 reg. cycle before ttc, but I didn't want to think about anything right away. I gave it some time and in April, I decided to try again. I feel better that I am several months removed from the m/c but the pain is still there emotionally (but not as pervasive). Give yourself at least one full cycle for physical reasons, and see how you feel. You may be emotionally stronger at that time too. Wish me luck this month!


crisy - May 6

I miscarried on April 25th. However I did not have a d&c. My doc. told me to wait 2 regular periods. Usually after a person has a miscarriage they become more fertile and it may be a good time to try conceiving. I am scared to try again right away because I don't want to lose another baby. I think it also depends on how you feel emotionnaly. I would like to start ttc right away too but my mind tells me a different thing than my heart. My friend had a d&c and waited 3 months before ttc. She got pregnant right away and now she has a healthy little boy. Good luck to all the ladies who are ttc.


kim - May 18

i had my first child lily in 2003 and now i just tried for 10 months but i still cant get pregnant can some1 tell me y?.


sara - November 30

i had a m/c this year in july and fell pregant again in sept and m/c again in november i even had contractions a week before my birthday me and my partner are trying straight away im so scared but full of hope which i hope will bring me a baby, just have faith ! x



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