Chances Of Miscarriage

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BabyDaddy - July 22

I'm concerned... my lover is about 5 wks along and just found out this week that she is pregnant. She has taken xanax for anxiety and it slowly being taken off. She was bitten by 3 ticks before she knew she was pregnant. She had a UTI (urinary track inf) and had to stop antibiodics early. She is complaining of periodic pain from her lower abdominom. Sometimes a few times a day, sometimes many times daily - it seems to stop her in her tracks and take the breath out of her. This morning - she saw a little bit of blood spots and went to the doctor. The doctor says not to worry, everything is normal and she is fine... but I'm worried. She is 35 years old and has an awefully lot of stress in her life right now. She's "high risk" of losing the child - what does this mean? Can someone give me a guestimate of her "odds" of having a healthy baby and carring this child to term?? Help! Thank you.


Kim - July 22

Hi Daddy, Congratulations first of all! That is very exciting. I would say that if the doctor says there is nothing to worry about, her chances are about the same as everyone else's - 4 times out of 5, healthy pregnancy. Keep us updated and best of luck to you!!


crisy - July 22

Hi. Congratulations on the pregnancy. When the doctor said high risk, it means that your wife has to be monitored closely but that her pregnancy is not compromised. You have a very good chance to have a healthy pregnancy just like everybody else. Good luck.


me - July 22

hey big, i am in the same boat i guess. after several dollars spent on iui's and an ivf, we found out we are expecting in march. my wife is a high risk as well. basically if the doc says she is ok, then she is ok. we were told we are good as well but due to my wifes history we are on pens and needles for at least 16 more weeks. hope everything is well with her, and try to help her keep positive. allot of people look at miscarrages at 5-6 weeks as nothing, but let me tell you, its devestatiing for the mom to be as well as the father. i still havnt gotten over the last one. keep your head up and help her stay positive and i am willing to bet you both will be just fine.



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