Charting After M C

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stefkay - January 25

Hi, I started a new temp chart the day my m/c started mainly to keep myself busy and look to the future instead of what was or could have been. It helps, but I am wondering if a m/c would even be considered a period? I have no idea about this. My temps dropped way down yesterday and today (m/c Tuesday) so it seems like it. In the past I had d&c's and I can't even remember how long it took to get my next cycle after the procedure. Any info is appreciated! Thanks, Stef


kelley - January 25

Stef, I am not sure, but I know that the FF web page has a question in their Q&A section that deals with charting after a loss. You may want to check that out. I believe though that the bleeding does count as the beginning of the cycle, but you will have to read that in the Q&A. I know that I did the same thing after my m/c in Aug. I had to have something to do to occupy my time, and it seemed like habit to chart and take my temp. It was so good to hear from you on the Aug. thread. I thought that I would check to see if you were over here in case you did not get back to read the other thread. I cannot tell you how long it will take for you to get you next cycle, after my d&C it was like 4 weeks and I know that my OB said that if I did not have a cycle in 8 weeks to contact him. Good luck with everything, and I will keep you in my prayers. ~Kelley


stefkay - January 26

Thank you kelley! I am glad everything is going well. I'll check in with you guys periodically. I do hope I get my period in 4 weeks, that would be awesome :-) but I have heard from others that it could take 9 weeks or longer after a natural m/c. I actually thought a natural one would help the body bounce back faster, but I guess not? It seemed to me that being "sc___ped" out would take longer to rebuild a lining, etc. Ahhhh, who knows :-) I probably need the time to just get back to feeling better mentally anyways. Thanks again for checking in!


JuJu - January 26

Stefkay; bleeding during and post miscarriage is not considered your period. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage; after my second last year I also decided to start charting my temps/CM, and I found it to be a great help - and great rea__surance too. It took me 6 weeks after my D&C for my period to arrive, and my temps during that time were a little erratic. I decided to wait to ttc again and charted for 3 months - and my cycle did normalise. ILike Kelley mentioned, Fertility Friend is excellent - they give you a month or so 'trial' package, and after that I think it's about $13 or so for a few months membership. Initially I was just charting on my own on paper etc, but FF really is excellent - it was pretty much bang on correct every month. After 3 months of using FF, we decided to ttc again, and we did, straightaway (31 weeks :) Again, FF was correct with my ovulation date - the great thing about FF is that it can help to predict when your fertile times will be - it worked for me anyway! Anyway, good luck with the charting and I hope everything goes really well for you from here on in- JuJu


Kerry5 - January 26

stef, when I had my m/c last June I received my period the same as a normal cycle after I completed bleeding. I bled and spotted for about 1 1/2 weeks.


stefkay - January 26

Thanks guys, yeah I use FF and had just started charting the month I got my bfp. LOL, it didn't take long, so my first chart was a pregnancy chart and my second is a miscarriage chart. FF said to chart it like a normal period. It will give me a chance to maybe have some normal charts for a while here to see a pattern. My first/bfp one wasn't even complete--I started it at cd8, I think. I'd also like to see if I have any type of luteal phase problem, etc. So maybe this will help. My dr. is going to test for some more things once my cycles start again, I hope.


jen327 - January 27

Stef - Hi this is Jen from the August chart. I am actually dealing with a subchorionic hematoma adn was looking to see if anyone had a m/c because of it. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I charted for about 6 months and possibly had 1 chemical pregnancy. It seemed to work but was iffy as to eactly waht days to have s_x. I finally talked my DH into letting me get the Ovulation Electronic kit. It was like $200 plus $50 each month for sticks, but I got prego the first mmonth. It told me the exact 2 days to have s_x. It was really great. I just thought I would share that with you. It made it easy to know when to have s_x. Good luck and I am glad to see you are doing ok. I am so so sorry for your loss.


stefkay - January 27

Hi Jen! It's good to hear from you...I hope you are doing ok with the bleeding. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that right now. You had an u/s and the baby is ok, correct? Don't worry yourself more with searching the internet, ok? :-) Take it easy. On the charting stuff, I got pg right off the bat, but not really because I knew when I had ovulated, we just had s_x for like every day for a week and a half around ovulation in the AM. My dbf was so tired of it that I thought there is NO way I can do that again!!! I think I'll try the cheapie OPKs next time we try so I can know exactly when within 2-3 days so it doesn't seem like such a "chore"! It is still going to take him time to warm to the idea of trying again though. I am just letting the subject go for now as it will break my heart if he flat out says "no". I seriously underestimated how this all affects the men as well. Good luck to you and keep in touch!



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