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durante baby - July 15

So I have just had a chemical pregnancy, I am afraid I do not know much about it. I mentioned to my dr that i have not bled at all she said sometimes you dont bleed for a few weeks and the drs consider it your period....Is this true?....I really could use some information on chemical pregnancies, so I understand a little better...thank you


pba74 - July 15

Durante I am so very sorry for your loss. I am going through one right now too - this is my second chemical pregnancy for me. Here is a bit I found to help you out.... It's a pregnancy that was confirmed by a pregnancy test, but an ultrasound shows nothing. There are several different reasons why a chemical pregnancy may have occurred, and sometimes the reason is just not discoverable. Some reasons include low progesterone; uterine lining is not thick enough to support the implanted egg (which may indicate low estrogen); chromosomal (genetic) abnormalities with the sperm or the egg; immune issues ; possible obstructions in the uterus (for example, fibroid tumors); infections and diseases (many bacterial and viral infections can contribute to a miscarriage, including viral infections such the cytomegalic virus, or bacterial infections....basically, the fertilized egg did not implant. *****Again, I am so sorry for your your doctor going to monitor your betas to make sure they return to normal?


durante baby - July 17

Thank you PBA...SO far she isnt going to do much...I saw a OB that isnt my regular but I cant get in to se emine til august....I have two kids alreay, and have had two other normal miscarriages in the past, then now this chemical pregnancy. I also have endometriosis. We do not know how long I have had but it was not discovered till after the birth of my 10month old so I am wondering if I have had endo, for quite some time un-symtomatic, and that could be the cause of my now three miscarriages.



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