Chemical Pregnancy Or Something Else

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Kimmer23 - October 30

I just wanted to know what you girls thought. A couple of months ago (before clomid, which I'm now taking), my husband and I were TTC naturally. On cd 28, I took a pregnancy test, and there was a VERY light pink line. It was definitely pink (even if light), and it didn't go away like an evap line would. Two days later, I took another test and it was negative. And, then I started af a couple of days after that. The thing is I had been taking prometrium, and I was supposed to start af at that time anyway based on the meds. Do you think it was a false positive or do you think I had a really early miscarriage? My cycle length is non-existent. I haven't really had af without meds since I stopped bc. So, I don't know. Just curious...thanks for the info...


Tory1980 - October 30

I would say that it was positive. Colour in the line, faint or not, shows the test was picking up on the hCG hormone. The prometrium may have caused a false positive although many Doctors have said that it can't cause a false postive. Your best bet is to discuss this with your Doctor. Good luck in TTC!


Kimmer23 - October 30

thanks Tory - I did ask my doc by the way, and she said " I don't know." So, that's why I wanted to ask you girls. I got so excited when it was positive...then disappointed in a few days time. It's a lot of emotion in a couple days. I really feel for those of you that have gone through miscarriages and loss - I can't imagine. But, I just wanted to make sure I was right...that it was positive. So, thanks. hmmm....I'll check on the prometrium causing ++s.


samehere - October 30

False positives are a lot more unlikely than false negatives. Like the pp says, the test has to pick up HCG to show a positive. I had a chemcial pregnancy once and it happened just like you said, but I took about 3 tests. The first one was a positve, the next day that test was fainter and then on day 3, it was negative. I got AF the day after that.



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