Choosing A Good OB After Loss

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ChattyKathy - October 9

I have had one early miscarriage and a second missed miscarriage due to a deformity with the baby. I am now pregnant a third time, but I am concerned with my doctor. She wont see me until I am 10 weeks along. She has also said in the past that she wont do early ultrasounds. I wanted one at around 12 weeks (when my last baby passed) to make sure everything was developing properly, but if I have to wait so long for my first appointment I doubt I'll be able to get one that early. I like the hospital, and I like her, I just don't feel like I'm getting the best care after all I've been through. What should I do? Make consultations to find a doctor who could fit my needs? Talk to someone at the hospital who could find one for me (who would that be, anyway. IS there anyone who could do that?) I feel like I'm on my own in this and not sure what to do. I want my pregnancy to be well cared for. I DON'T want to go through half my pregnancy thinking everything is fine and end up with another 2nd trimester miscarriage. HELP!


tiffany79 - October 9

Kathy, if i were you, i would try to make another appnt w/ another doc. Every doc is different in how they practice medicine... so hopefully there is an OB in your area that will get you in sooner. Is your OB out of a Hospital? How many other OBs are there? Mine is in a clinic, and there are about 5 other OBs... so i knew i could change if i didnt "like" mine. Go w/ your gut and call some other OB offices :-)


emtcutie1028 - October 9

Kathy... do you have any friends or family members that have gone through a different OB that they could suggest? I know how you feel. I ditched my doc after my miscarriage that I feel could have been prevented 100% had I not had stupid doctors. I asked the doctors I work for if they could reccommend anyone, and I was reccommended one Dr and I met him on Monday...hes fabulous and had been rated one of the top OB docs in Denver 10 years in a row. Anyways... i would ask around and see if anyone can reccomend you. I know how bad it sucks to just pick a name for a doc...thats what I did with my first OB because I didnt know who to go to. Good luck!



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