Clomid And Concerns After Miscarriage

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dleezgurl - January 10

Shannon I took clomid 50mg in the month of december and found out at the end of the month we were pregnant but we missed carried in jan so yes it does work.


airrenn02 - January 11

Shannon, any updates? I took one round of 50mg and am now 27 1/2 weeks. just found out i have gestational diabetes, but otherwise have had a healthy pregnancy. good luck!


lexie77 - January 12

Shannon & Dleezgurl - I have taken clomid twice. The first time in 2010 it took me 4 rounds. At about 7 weeks I experienced horrible pain. When into my doctor that day and I had an ecotopic pregnancy. Went in for emergency surgery. Was very happy that they did not have to remove my tube. I waited until 2011 to try again. It only took 2 rounds this time. My doctor treated me as a high risk pregancy this time and did my 1st ultrasound at 5 weeks to make sure their was a sac in the uterus. At 6 weeks and a day I had another one and saw the heart beat flickering. Was very excited about this. We went back at 9 weeks and some where between 6 weeks and 9 weeks the baby had stopped growing. That was on Nov 9, 2011 and I had to have a D&C on Nov 11. I had to wait to have one cycle before we could try again. I have not started Clomid. Wanted to see if maybe this first month if we could get pregant with out. I am waiting to see if it worked. Clomid does work though. I have very irregular cycles so that is why she out me on it.


dleezgurl - January 12

Lexie77-im sorry for all of your losses and i commend you for pushing forwaed bc alot of ppl would have gave up but we just had our miscarriage and she told us to wait three cycles before we do clomid again but we bought a clear blue easy fertility monitor to use to try on our own in between now and then i have heard good things about so you might want to consider that too. My periods are irregular too but clomid did work the first time for us


lexie77 - January 12

dleezgurl - Thank you! I have considered buying a clearblue fertility monitor. If that can help and not have to take the clomid I would be very happy. I hope that everything goes great for you all!


Alicia1984 - March 8

airrenn02- did you have to take progesterone to help sustain your pregnancy? how was your betas in the beginning? I have just confirmed my pregancy after 1st round of clomid and having 7 miscarriages which i now believe were related to progesterone.


airrenn02 - March 9

Alicia- I was concerned about progesterone since that was the reason I lost the last pregnancy but all of my bloodwork looked good at 6 weeks so my OB didn't want to add a supplement ( I was still skeptical and wanted it anyway but I ended up trusting her and it ended up being ok )Honestly I didn't want to know my numbers for either progesterone or beta HCG bc I was scared that I would spend all my time looking them up and finding out that they weren't as good as my dr. said. How far are you now? Have you seen the dr. yet? Good Luck!!! I am 3 weeks out from my induction unless the baby comes earlier on his own- It can happen! I hope to hear the same news from you in 9 months! :)


TryingAgain - April 16

Just sharing my personal Experience & looking for a little feedback (encouragement).. So I just turned 26, Have had PCOS since I was 16. Never been pregnant until now (then). Started taking Clomid 3 rounds 50mg.. no success. paused it for one month than went back on Clomid the next month. This was Aug 2011. FINALLY I conceoved. I was excited. Found out at my 12wk 3dy Ultrasound it was what I suspected (Due to fast growth) IT WAS TWINS! My God, I thought if I can get lucky I'll have a boy & girl & never have to worry about getting pregnant again! (forgot to mention I was also on Metformin 500 twice daily) So things were great besides always being sick & the tightening in my abdomen when I walked (Not knowing those were actually contractions) so anyway all was good until my 19wk check up. ( i was beening seen ever week due to my high risk status) They seen my cervix started to shorten & decided to "watch " what happens. any who. against all odds I continued my pregnancy up until 22wks 5 days! Then I got an infection??!?!?!?!? (They cant tell me from what only thaat, baby A my son's bag was infected & so was I, but baby B my daughter was fine) So on this day Jan 19 , 2012 I watched my sons heart beat stop on the monitor. So I had they induced my labor & I had to delived both of my babies. My son at 22 wks waeight 2lb & my daughter 15oxz. My son was dead already when I delivered him but my small baby girl was trying to fight for her little life. .. So any who thats my I HAD NEVER EVEN HEARD OF A SECOND TRIMESTER MIS UNTIL I WAS FACED WITH IT. SO NOW MY QUESTION IS DOES ANYONE HAVE A SIMILAR STORY? IF SO,,, HOW'D YOU OVERCOME IT & DID U EVER HAVE A SUCCESSFUL PREGNANCY FOLLOW? THANKS FOR LISTENING


dleezgurl - April 16

lexi77-I actually purchased one i have used it for one month and all of a sudden my period isnt coming on by itself so im taking some prometrium to get it to come on before i can use it going to start taking a herb so that it will regulate naturally.


lexie77 - April 16

dleezgurl -I got pregnant at the end of Dec 2011 or beginning of Jan 2012. I was not on clomid and we were not really trying. I was very nervouse once I found out I was pregnant again I am 4 months pregnant now. I hit 17 weeks this coming Wednesday. We waited until we got through our first trimester to tell anyone. This time when we got pregnant, she had me take a baby aspirin a day and as well as prometrium. She had me use my prometrium v____ally this time. I did both of these through my first trimester. I am do Sept 26. I really hope the best for you all.


MMW2424 - October 13

Airrenn02 I'm not sure how old this post is, but was wondering about your clomid pregnancy and if you ended up with twins?  I had one successful pregnancy after one round of clomid and now have a 1 year old and then got pregnant naturally, but miscarried at 6 weeks.  I am not 6 weeks pregnant again but took clomid this time as the doctor thought it might help have a stronger ovulation and therefore stronger pregnancy.  I know anything can happen and i'm a nervous wreck, but like to hear positive stories!


Kenzo - December 30

My situation is similar to KFay - I am 29 years old. I have had two miscarriages in the first trimester. Had two D and Cs. Have always had regular periods, no issues getting pregnant. Both happened quite fast when TTC. Went to a specialist - did every test under the sun. Nothing really came out of it. I have a copy of the MTHFR gene but my doc said that shouldnt be a cause of the miscarriages. That is about it. I did get cleaned out again because I had some inflammation and minor scar tissue aka irregular uterine cavity FROM the miscarriages. I had the latest clean out in December. I went for my follow up and the doctor said prenantals, baby asprin, and extra folate. Wait a cycle and try again. He did however give me a prescription for Clomid and pregestrone vaginal cream. He said they are "boosters" . Should I take the Clomid and pregerstrone cream when TTC in February? I heard mixed things on Clomid and I am naturally conceiving?! I just dont want to miscarry again....



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