Clotting Disorder

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snickelfritz - April 27

I posted this once before but it got buried and I'm hoping someone here can give their experience. I was recently diagnosed with a clotting disorder that they think is the cause of my miscarriages (I've had three since August). I will be refered to a high risk clinic for the first trimester (at least) of my next pregnancy. I believe I'll also be seeing an RE. My OB said that when I have the consultation in a couple of weeks, they'll spell out their plan for me. He said it will probably be baby aspirin while ttc and heparin while pg. Anyone been there done that? TIA


Morrison1 - April 27

Hi SNICKELFRIZ...I am very sorry for your losses. I have not actually been diagnosed with anything, but am just beginng my 2nd m/c since February. We don't seem to have trouble conceiving, but there are evidently problems with the implantation or the blood flow and after as I have lost both pregnancies at the 5.5-6 week mark. I was wondering how far along you were with your m/c. I did see another post where there was some discussion about the heparin/baby asprin thing, but can't remember which one. I will look for it and let you know if I find it.


jami - April 28

I am very sorry to hear of your losses. I had been diagnosed with a clotting disorder prior to my last mc, I have had four mc. I have one ds. Prior to ttc I started taking baby asprin, I miscarried at about 9.5 weeks. Heprin was never given. I am now seeing a re and they are looking further into the clotting disorder and also at some other things my ob did not. So for the next month I will be at the re office alot. Hopefully we will get some definite answers.


jennbh2002 - April 29

I also have a clotting disorder. I just miscarried one day ago at 14wks. I took Lovanox injections (similar to heparin) twice a day in my abdomen. We will go back to the doc to talk about what could have been done differently, if anything in regards to the medication. We are also going to a high risk OB-they have been wonderful. So sorry for all of your losses.


JuJu - April 30

Hi All, so sorry to read about your losses. I have recently found out (thanks to testing after my 2 m/c's this year) that I have a blood clotting disorder - apparently it is clotting a little too quickly. This was the only potential reason that they have found for my m/c's; although it seems to be only a marginal disorer it is apparently enough to cause problems with the placenta during pregnancy. I have so many questions relating to this disorder - and information seems hard to come by! For example, is this disorder something that can 'develop', or is it something we are born with? Is it possible that this disorder can develop during pregnancy? I had my DD 18 months ago, and apart from a small amount of spotting in the first trimester, my pregancy then was fine. I have read quite a bit about diet, and how some foods promote blood thinning - is it possible to improve or even cure the condition through diet? My Ob did mention Heparin shots to my DH and I as a potential soultion during our next pregnancy - but after hearing about the side affects of Heparin, my DH is strongly against me taking it. Ironically, my OB has concerns (based on recent research) about Asprin - so I am not sure about my best course of action now! I am trying to eat a more balanced diet which favours natural blood thinners - omega 3's, ginger,dark green veges, onion etc - but other than this I am not sure what else I can do! I am having another round of blood tests tomorrow to see if my condition has improved - with a followup visit with my Ob on Wednesday. Regardless of the outcome, I have decided to take fate but the horns - and we are ttc as of next month. I am excited, but terrified of what the future holds -


Morrison1 - April 30

Hi JUJU! You and I have not spoken much directly, but I have watched your last posts and am so very sorry for your second loss. When I told Susan that I lost baby #2, she said, "Find Juju". And here you are. Anyway, I have a sixth sense that I am going to be in the same boat as you with either a clotting disorder or a luteal phase defect. I won't start testing until after the m/c stops and I o agan, but I will do a prog test (dpo 7) as well as an fsh & estradiol test (cd3). Which tests did you have done that determined th clotting issue and do you remember having other signs that would have indicated that in the past that you didn't recoqnize because you did not know to look for them? For example, having a light and short period can be indicitive of a lutal phase defect, but no ob has ever told me I could have that issue. Now I wonder if that could have been a warning sign earlier on and saved at least one of my m/c if not both. I have not heard any thing about there being problems with baby aspirin and in fact know many people who have taken it. Did your doctor say exactly what the issues could be? And the heparin? That seems a bit more intrusive than the aspirin. I am sort on your team though...I don't mind doing these easy blood workups to see if there is something obvious that can be fixed with medicine (as long as the mends aren't too horrid) but I also feel very hesitant to get into the big dog fertility testing until I KNOW I have an issue. It is not uncommon for women to have two m/c...especially at I am torn. I am truly hoping that it is one of these disorders, and if it is the blood clotting one, I would opt for baby aspirin, but might try to stay away from helparin if I could. What does dh say about the baby aspirin? I will keep looking around and see what I can find. Good luck! Where are you in your cycle now?


Morrison1 - April 30

Also, Juju...when did you m/c and do you know where your levels were? m/c #1 I was at 5.5 weeks...prog was 7 and hcg was 149...m/c#2 I was also at 5.5 weeks...prog hit 20 and hcg didn't get over 140 - then it dropped to 22. For me, they are happening so early...a sak forms but nothing else...just wondering if anyone else's scenario compared.


JuJu - April 30

Morrison1; so good to cross paths again - just so sorry it has to be under these circ_mstances. I am so very very sorry to hear about your m/c - it really knocks the socks off doesn't it? How are you going? It's very early days for you - hope you're ok. It's been about 7 weeks since I had my m/c - and I am definitely feeling much better these days, both emotionally and physically. I 'o'-d about 3.5 weeks after the m/c, so have had my Af - and am now about 13 dpo. I am not sure when I will 'o' this month.....if it's in the next few days I'm in trouble with ttc - b/c my Dh is interstate for work! So we'll see how it goes. Because they have discovered this potential clotting problem, I am definitely concerned for my next pregnancy, whenever it is......although I can honestly say that sionce improving my diet and having an Af - I am feeling healthier than I have in a long time. Re: your questions; here goes! Re: my levels when I m/c'd.....I had my HCG done at around 5.5 weeks and it was about 9,300. When I went in 4 days later, it was 13,000 - which means it hadn't doubled. The docs don't think progesterone is a problem - the finger seems to be pointly at this clotting issue. The previous pregnancy (which I also lost) - I had an u/s done at 6w 2d and there was a perfect looking fetal pole, sac and a great HB. 10 days later, I began to bleed - my OB later said that the baby actually would have died very soon after the u/s. So something must have gone really wrong there. Re: Asprin; my OB just mentioned at my last appt that some very recent research is about to be released about potential problems of Asprin in pregnant women; but he said it is still a real gray area and it may still be ok. I personally am much happier with the risk of taking Apsprin than taking Heparin! Heaparin is quite extreme as a treatment - and given my situation is apparently marginal it's probably not the best medication for me. So I am pro-asprin. My DH is ok with Asprin - he doesn't want me to go on Heparin because of the bone de-mineralisation of bones etc in later life. Re: the type of testing I had....they tested my blood 10 days after my D&C for about 25+ 'conditions' - including thyroid, karotype?, auto-immune disorders, and heaps of others. They have also taken out chromasomal testing and have a___lysed my lost bubs. The only thing that has been abnormal is my blood.


JuJu - April 30

Morrison; also meant to say earlier, that if you do suspect a luteal phase defect, there is a good chance you can detect it yourself if you're doing a BBT chart. You will be able to clearly see when you 'o', and can count the days of higher temps until your AF arrives. I think you need at least 9/10 days post 'o' before your AF - but don't quote me - it may be slightly shorter!


Morrison1 - May 1

Good morning JUJU~ I started a long response last night and the puter crashed before I could send it. I hate that. Grrr. Anyway...thanks for the info. I agree that baby aspirin (while not completely prove) seems MUCH less harmless. Considering people take it daily to avoid heart attack and that it is MADE for babies, it can not be quite so harsh as something like heparin. B6 is supposed to help that clotting thing, too. Have you looked into that at all? So...I keep hearing about all these people who had an hcg level in the 5th week that was SKY HIGH compared to mine. I mean, I did hcg quants during the 5th week on Monday -Wendesday - and went from 40 to 63 to 140 and even though the doc said it doubled and it was doing great, somehow I KNEW that it wasn't. I just see too many women with number WAAY up in the thousands during the 5th week. I know there can be a wide range, but 140? So, I do think there is something wrong with my hcg levels...and that may be indicitive of a short luteal, but I am not sure. I actually have been charting (3 months now). Month one was my o after m/c #1 and my luteal phase was only 9 days (but I attributed that to the m/c - probably not true though) and cycle #2 was a pregnancy cycle, so my luteal phase went on for a couple weeks. So, I don't have much to compare back to. I do know that my af used to come early, even when I was on the pill...sometimes I would begin to spot before I even hit the placebo week, but the old doc I saw back then never seemed too concerned. Anyway, in retrospect, I would think that could have been an indicator of something that was to come, don't you? I am glad you were able to have your lost little bubs tested. Knowing they were OK must give you some comfort in that you will be able to solve this problem relatively easily...It's all so hard though...I'd be a wreck without all of you!



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