Cold Feet Or Gut Feeling

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breezieb - May 29

I have a 5 & 3yr old. I had two m/c (may 2007 & dec 2007) after last d-n-c ( dec 07) I went on 3 mth bc pill to allow time to heal. Well I had first AF may 17 and today at cd12 I got an u/s and the doc said the follie looked great and she thinks it will happen. I go back on 7dpo for progesterione check. and blood hcg test. My Problem: I have been wanting this for so long and so bad!! Especially trying to recover from the devestation of the m/c's ( I also have pcos and endometriosis) ......So here I am know with a really good chance to get pg this cycle( deep feeling!!!) but I am starting to get cold feet!!! What is going on here? I keep thinking of all the reasons it wouldn't be a good time to have a baby. Then I ask myself is this just out of fear? If I wait to get preggo then I wont have to face the chance of m/c.....If I do get pg this cycle I will be terrified! Especially since I would know so early!!! I still keep going back to the thought of maybe this truley isn't a good time to have a baby and that I want one anyway to some how fill the void for my loss( as if that could) How do I know if I am just having cold feet? How do I know if I am really letting fear be a deceiding factor on such an important situation ( how truley sad it would be to let fear conquire me like that and rob me from my hearts desire, i need to pray on it) On the other hand what if that feeling is not fear at all but my inner voice saying hey hold back its not time just yet, you will be ready soon. Well I will continue to pray and know what ever comes of this is thru gods blessing ! As I write this the thought of a little baby in my belly makes me smile!!! If I wait for the right timing I will never have another baby..something always comes up! FEAR - I will allow it no controll over me!!!!!!!! yet it is easier said than done. lol .....I will surrender it to the lord take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. I will draw my strength and laugh at fear...god has me now I know above all that everything wil be ok! :) SORRY SO LONG!! Thanks for letting me vent!!


babyluv24 - May 30

I think after loosing a baby it is hard not to let fear take over. I lost my son at 20 weeks last December and am terrified now. We are trying, but the fact that it didn't happen the first month like it did before has me worried it will never happen! It is a daily struggle with fear. Continue to pray, I think you know what you want to do. Good luck!


Samijo_02 - May 30

It is definately hard losing a baby! I just had my first m/c on wed. I'm 23 and have a 14 mo old little girl. We really wanted to have another baby . someone for her to play with. Now that i had a m/c i don't know if i wanna try again right away. ya know? what if it happens again? My husband is all about doing what i want to do. I want to be pregnant so very bad, but am very scared. I so appreciate what you said Bree. just surrender it to the Lord. Our babies are all in heaven now. My little one although i was only 6 weeks pregnant, is with my daddy in heaven. That makes me feel good when i think of it that way. I had a friend that had a m/c a couple weeks ago and she said "I guess God wanted my baby more that he wanted me to have it. " i thought that was cute! I think that we probably won't really try again right away, but i'm not going to take any birthcontrol, so if it happens , it happens. And it will be a blessing from God. Because ultimately..... He is in control and I think he wants us to know that babies are truely miracles and gifts from him. We have them when he wants us to have them, not when we want to have them. Hope all turns out well for you!



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