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margie - February 15

Does anyone know information on whether it is more difficult to conceive after a D&C is performed? I'm still in the healing stages of it right now so it's going to be a while before I am even able to try but it was something I have been a little worried about...


JuJu - February 15

Margie; I had two D&C's last year after my miscarriages, and I had no problems falling pregnant again when we started to started trying to conceive again. D&C's can create a small amount of scar tissue, but it's rare that it interferes with subsequent fertility. Literally thousands of D&C's are performed everyday across the globe, so take heart in the numbers! Good luck with everything- JuJu


margie - February 15

Thanks JuJu. This is the only one I've had and just not sure what to expect afterwards. I know I do for sure want to ttc sometime this year--soon as we feel ready for it again emotionally. I just had it done on Monday evening so I'm still definetely healing...did you ever have any blood clots after any of yours? I'm wondering if they didn't quite get it all out or if thats just normal for the healing process. All they told me is to watch out if I soak a pad an hour but mentioned nothing of clots coming out like this.


Shiner081 - February 16

Hi margie ,left you a message on your other question about D&C's and clots.So check it out.Me myself got pregnant after my first D&C in OCt after my second period following.The lady I know who just did my ultrasound this past Tues told me she got pregnant the smae month of her D&C and she is carrying totally fine and due in a couple of months.The only reason I here for you to wait is to get an actual due day set and for you to be emotionly ready.My doctor just told me try when I was ready again.Obviosly you have to wait until you quit bleeding now.I got my period 23 days after my first D&C and the second 26 days(fell pregnant again after this one)The only thing that I discovered was I was ovulating later than we figured.That is why we never caught the first time after my first period after the D&C.GOod LUck!


JuJu - February 18

Margie; I know it's an intensely personal thing, but regarding when to ttc again.....I have tired both ways - waiting and not waiting. And speaking from experience....I would definitely take a month or two off ttc. After my first m/c & D&C, I fell pregnant within the same month, and it was emotionally challenging, as it was just so soon after my m/c. Sadly, I also miscarried that baby, and although it's unlikely that my previous D&C played a part in my 2nd miscarriage, it was emotionally devestating to go through another m/c so soon after the first. I learnt the hard way, that just because you've had one miscarriage doesn't sheild you from it happening again - the statistics are still there. I don't want to sound negative, but it's just important that you are really healed before your ttc again, emotionally, mentally and physically. After my second miscarriage, I decided to wait 3 months, and focussed on getting myself happy and healthy again. And it was the best decision I made - after that time out I felt refreshed and ready to take on pregnancy and its challenges again! I fell pg again straight away, and am now 34+ weeks. So hang in there and good luck. Re: your clots - are they large? If so, I would pop in to my doctor to check it out. I personally didn't have any clotting after my D&C, but I think my OB 'cleaned' my uterus extremely thoroughly! (which is not always a good thing either!). I have heard of some clotting being normal though, as long as it's not a lot. Hope the bleeding eases up soon for you, JuJu


sososleepy - February 19

HI Margie. I hope, I hope, I hope!!! Counting mc bleeding as cd1, I'm on cd 23 now, had d&c on cd2, tried ttc on cd 12 (and more), got permission from doc to ttc on cd 16, think I might have O'd on cd 19, and am doing the 2ww (2 week wait), ok, I all ready bought 2 boxes, 2 ea of hpt's and will desperately try to WAIT to use them, and will let you know how it works out with conception or not as I find out.... emotionally, I'm , I'm I'm ... I have no clue where I am. It rather depends on when and how you ask. Margie, no clots after.. just tiny teeny spots for me. Shiner, thanks, I hope... Juju... um, thanks I think, for the reality check, but I just had to try. Best Luck! You sound like you're gonna make it this time :)



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