Conceiving After D Amp C

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leasa - February 12

am so glad have found this site! I had a scan last thursday at 10 weeks following some slight spotting to be told sadly that the baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks although my body had not recognised this. Obviously i am devastated by this news. I decided to have the D & C rather than wait for a natural miscarriage which i had on Friday just gone. I asked about conceiving again and was given conflicting advice: the nurse has told me to wait for one cycle as this helps with dating the next pregnancy and also emtional recovery yet the doctor at hospital told me the D & C went well and there is absolutely no reason why we cant TTC this month! i am keen to try again straight away. Any one else in this situation or conceived straight after D & C? Am just scared of miscarrying again but apparently there is no evidence to suggest that you will miscarry again just because you have had one before? x


deltabwa - February 12

every doc gives different advice. some say sure right away is fine, others say up to 3 months. i think its more in how you feel. alot of people like to wait for 1 cycle so there is a "start" date. its easier to calculate due dates that way. plus they say something about the shedding of the lining after the first AF. its a personal thing. sorry for you and good luck. i tried 1st month and didnt work. i think because the bleeding aftger d&c was so weird that it took me 5 days before i really started bleeding heavy and then bled for 8 days. im pretty sure i O'd sometime during those 8 days so i missed it but we are trying it again now.


leasa - February 12

Thanks so much for your input. Its good to hear what others have done in the same situation. I am sorry for your loss too. nature is so unfair sometimes. Half of me wants to wait one cycle to give myself the best chance possible and the other half thinks why wait, what will be will be and dont know if i can handle waiting another 6 or so weeks! i am going to see my GP tomorrow for a chat about it. i bled heavily straight after the D & C but it completely stopped the following day. I think we are going to see what happens and let nature take its course. I feel ready to start trying again. will keep everything crossed for me and you!! i am glad that i had the D & C now and did not wait for it to happen naturally as I feel i can now try and move on..


JuJu - February 12

Hi Leasa- My Ob/Dr also gave me the go-ahead immediately after my D&C - a__sured me that there is no statistical link between conception immediately following D&C's and further m/c. He said that a woman's body is either ready or not - and that should you fall pregnant within the first cycle you are no more likely to m/c than had you not had an previous m/c. In other words, each pregnancy is a fresh opportunity. That is not to say that all women are ready to conceive again so quickly - some women may take longer physically and emotionally. From what I believe, some women are told to wait longer to ttc because 1) it is easier to date the foetus 2) the woman may require more time emotionally 3) the woman may have some health issues which need to be sorted out. I am a perpetual researcher (!) so after hearing my Obstetrician's advice I did a fair bit of research on the topic - and I couldn't find any info from a reliable source which states a link between d&c's, immediate conception and higher m/c rate. I also know of several women who conceived immediately after a m/c and/or d&c......and went on to have healthy bubs. Good luck in ttc!


leasa - February 13

Its amazing how much time i have spent on the internet doing research too!! I also just had a nice rea__suring chat with my GP. She also confirmed what you both said; There is absolutely no medical evidence out there that suggests that you would be at risk of miscarrying again. She said you will only conceive if your body is ready so we are def going to TTC now and just see how it goes. My GP also said she does not know why so many medics still say wait 3 cycles and that is not necessary and its completely a personal choice! Good luck to everyone TTC. x


Aim - February 13

Leasa, I know exactly how you feel and I agree with the other ladies who have posted. Also, if this helps...I conceived right after my d&c (I didn't even have a period before I found out I was pg. again). I am 12 weeks today, and everything is going well! Good luck ttc, it will happen again soon! I was very scared this second time, but once I heard the heartbeat at 7 weeks (I m/c at 5 1/2 before) I felt soooo much better. Do what's best for you - physically and emotionally. The rest will all take care of itself :-)


leasa - February 14

aim, thank you so much. Thats so wonderful for you and gives me such hope. That made me smile and its valentine's today! Every day I am beginning to feel stronger emotionally and will let nature take its course. Do any of you ladies know how long it takes to ovulate following a miscarriage. I presume it can be anywhere between 2 - 4 weeks after bleeding stops? :-)


deltabwa - February 14

LEESA - thats usually about right time wise but it depends on your body. everyone is different but there are a few that take up to 2 months. I'm glad you are feeling better about things. if you chart, start charting, if you don't as soon as the bleeding stops.. start bd'ing :-) baby dust.


Susan W - February 14

Hi leasa, I ovulated 21 days after my m/c, right on schedule. It's like your body just jumps right back in the game and knows what to do. It's amazing really. Good luck to you.


JuJu - February 14

Leasa- I think I ovulated around 27 days after my d&c - according to my bbt (spike and slightly raised temps). That was 17 days ago, and I haven't had a visit from AF yet so I will probably do a hpt on the weekend. I have been told that 18 days of raised temps after 'o' can mean pregnancy?? AIM - that's great news - just what we needed to hear!


leasa - February 15

Thanks guys. I never charted before getting pregnant although now feel i want to. We were on a long holiday and we fell pregnant the first month of trying (first baby) but I know I normally ovulate on around the 14/15 day as i had a 28 day cycle and i know for sure i fell pregnant on the 15th day. Had some more blood this morning (sorry) and its beginning to annoy me now - I just want it to stop completely. Also I did a pregnancy test this morning just to see if I still had HCG in my body as I presume i wont go back to a normal cycle until this completely drops, and it was positive and I wanted it to be negative as then that would mean I am going back to a normal cycle? also can you ovulate when you are still bleeding?? Sorry so many questions. Baby dust to all xx


deltabwa - February 15

LEESA - yes, you levels have to be back to normal before you O. I think you can if you have a long cycle of bleeding and your levels are normal. When I was younger I used to get AF for 10 days and then 2 weeks later I started her again so I O'd while I was bleeding but not sure it's am all too common thing.


Aim - February 15

I'm so glad that I could help you feel better during this process. That was my intent when going back to the Pregnancy Loss forum - I wanted to help ladies who were going through what I just wen through. I was right where you are not very long ago at all. When I found out I was pg. again, I thought it was impossible, that it was just AF symptoms, but sure enough the test was +. Once you do have a + result, my advice would be not to read too much about the possibility of a m/c a 2nd time. I started to do that, and just freaked myself out - and the stress is not good for you. I forced myself to stop, and just let nature take control, keeping calm (as possilbe :-), and try to be healthy. Also, and I don't know if this is fact or not, but I've heard that you are most fertile for the 3 months following a d&c...I don't know the reason behind that, or if it is true. I guess it was for me, since I had been ttc for a year and 1/2 before all of this happened! OH, and I had my d&c on November 3rd, and conceived on December 4th. I think the amount of days may vary on what is your normal cycle though. I hope that coping with your loss gets easier with time. Best of luck to you leasa and the other ladies on this forum!


leasa - February 15

Aim - i am so so pleased for you and lovely to hear that you are pregnant following your D & C and nice to know youre not the only one going through the same thing and its not easy. I think that is just so great that you are pregnant again so soon esp have TTC for that time. What keeps me going is that I conceived very quickly the first month and hoping for the same again in the next few weeks!! I would obviously be chuffed to be preggers again in a month but like you said, I would also be quite worried at the same time!! At the end of the day i remember the doctor in hospital saying to me that the one good thing to come of all of my hurt and loss was that everything is working and that we are both fertile which did give my hope that it will happen again. My best friend has also just suffered two miscarriages so we are leaning on each other and you guys have helped a lot and given me hope and strength!


stephanie mosley - February 17

HI i have just went through the same thing as you. i went for my 1st u/s jan.15 and was told the baby was 6wks instead of 8weeks. so i was told 2 come back on feb.15so i did the baby had no heartbeat and the dr. said it probably stopped at yesterday i had ad&c. it was so bad i cried 4 2 days. but today my thoughts are on trying again.the dr said thereis no reason 2 think i will have another i think for me to go on this is the thing to do. let me explain why 10 years ago we lost our 6month old daughter to heart disease it so very hard and stilli 2day but we tried again and in98 we had healthy wonderful son.this really helped me gon.also we have 13 year old who was born premature and has grown into a beatiful you can go on. good luck and god b with you! i'll keep you posted on how things go with me


rosh - October 14

iam 27 yrs old and the ultra sound results concluded that i had a missed abortion at 7 weeks . I had d & c yesterday. I feel that i would rather give my body another 3 months to recuperate than try again. I am a bit terrified at the idea of pregnancy.


ashle - October 14

Hi Rosh- I just had a D and C on Friday. I know what you are going through. I was 14 1/2 weeks and was told on Thursday that the baby stopped growing at 12 weeks. It has been a very tramatic weekend for us. I agree that you should wait 3 months. It is good to let your body heal. I will try again in Jan. In 2002 I had an ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks and was told to wait 3 months because I had to have a shot of methotexate. I did and got prenant right after 3 months, and then had a healthy baby girl. I also had a natural miscarriage at 6 weeks. I was told then that I only had to wait 1 month because I wasn't that far along and no medical intervention was needed. I did and then got pregnant after 1 month. I had another healthy baby girl. I think the farther along you are and whether or not the miscarriage can happen naturally or not depends on how long you wait.



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