Conceiving After D Amp C

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sadiemom - February 25

Hi I have a friend that a miscarriage back in November when she had a DNC done. She is now pregnant again and experiencing bleeding cramping and low thc level. Could you please help she is very worried that she is losing baby to. she has just gotten pregnant she is only 2 weeks along. her doctor doesn't seem worried


smmom2 - February 25

Sadiemom....I am sorry for your friend's loss. Unfortunately she will fear loss every second of every day during this pg. She is only two weeks along so her HCG levels will be low. They wont show higher numbers until 6-8 weeks. At that point they should be atleast doubling every other day. Bleeding could be implantation bleeding and cramping is normal all through out pregnancy. She just needs to see her dr regularly and dont be afraid to call for any reason. As for all the girls on here talking about waiting after a D & C or m/c...And OBGYN will tell u to wait atleast 2 months if not more so that the lining of the uterine wall can grow back healthy and thick enough to sustain a viable PG. In other words...the thicker the lining the betetr off baby will be. If the woman is not far along when losing a baby (ie. 6 weeks or so) alot of times they consider it a chemical PG and your body should bounce back faster. The farther along a woman is the more it can do to her body. It is also better to let yourself heal emotionally a little.


friddlefam88 - March 22

I took a pregnancy test feb 4th, it was positive, I had my 1st appt at 6w4ds. they saw one baby looked good and had a good heatbeat. March 8th, after intercourse I had alot of bleeding, so my husband insisted that I go to the ER, i went for sono I was back there for 2 hours, at the end they told us that it was twins but one didnt have a heartbeat but I was 8 weeks at the time and my body would just absorb it. March 11th I went back to the doc and they said there was only one and it had a good heartbeat. March 19th, again after intercourse I had some heavy bleeding I called my doc and asked if i could come it that day rather then my appt that was set for tuesday, I came in had no bleeding, they did an ultrasound and found out it was twins and that they were conjoined at the chest and stomach and were sharing a heart and didnt have a heartbeat, I had a d&c that same day. I want to try again asap. Has anyone had luck conceiving after a d&c?


Jomeachka - January 9

Hello, I am happy to read all the information about Dr's saying it is okay to try right away. The Dr that did my D and C said to wait till I have had a normal period, likely two cycles so that they could date properly. I am not that concerned about dating . . . and was really wondering if there was any other reason to wait. I was just over 15 weeks and had heard a good heartbeat at about 6.5 weeks so really felt safe. I had no warning signs that something might be wrong just went in for a normal appt and they couldn't hear the heartbeat so sent me for an ultrasound with no worries just to get an accurate heartbeat . . . but there was no heartbeat and the baby was 10.5 weeks in measurement. At this point I would really like to ttc. It's been about three weeks since the d&c but I still have very slight spotting . . . Is it normal to not have finished bleeding? I wonder if it is in part due to my body being 15 weeks along. Also I know the dr's suggest you wait 2 weeks to have s_x or until the bleeding stops to make sure the cervix is closed, so I'm just not sure if it is safe for us to ttc yet.


Jomeachka - January 9

Hello, I am glad to read the posts saying that studies have shown no increased risk when getting pregnant right after a d&c. I was just past 15 weeks when I went to the dr's for a regular appt (no sign or symptoms of any problem) they weren't ale to hear the heartbeat but weren't worried (I had heard a good heartbeat at about 6.5 weeks and my uterus had been growing) but when I went for the ultrasound just to get a heartrate there was no heartbeat and the baby measured 10.5 weeks. So I got a d&c a little over three weeks ago and am eager to ttc. The Dr suggested I wait until I've had a normal cycle for dating purposes but I don't really care about dating . . . my only concern is that I am still spotting slightly even though it has been a bit over three weeks and just want to make sure it is safe to start having unprotected s_x.


Jomeachka - January 9

oops sorry for the double type, I didn't see it come up


smmom2 - January 10

Dr.'s tell you to wait not only for dating purposes. It is also so that the lining of your uterus can shed once or twice. After this happens it is considered to be thick and healthy again, enough to sustain a viable pg. Especially if you have had a d&c. It can happen that you get pg again right away without waiting, but the chances of another mc happeneing is higher because your lining is not always thick enough for another pg right away. Also some women have a very full af(peroid) the next month and some dont. It is always best to let your body heal and try again after atleast 2 cycles. I am sorry for your losses ladies, it is never easy. 4 years later and I still think about the baby I lost. I pray you ladies have a healthy pg soon!


Jomeachka - January 10

Other people on this site have referred to studies showing/saying that there is absolutely no evidence showing that there is an increased risk of having another miscarriage even if you get pregnant right after a d and c. I had found a site myself that sited studies saying the same thing . . . I would hate to get pregnant again just to lose the baby again, but I would also hate to wait for no reason. I just wonder if there is evidence to support waiting and why there is such conflicting suggestions. Also I was wondering if I should be at all concerned that I still have slight spotting after a little over three weeks since my d and c?


smmom2 - January 10

You should keep in mind that they are studies, nothing more. The lining of the uterus is what your OB is worried about. If it isn't thick enough to sustain an embryo then u run the risk of losing another baby. It is always better to be safe then sorry, and personally I would rather take the word of a trained Dr. I know women who have become pg again and oat their baby because they didn't wait, and I know women who became Pg again and successfully had a baby. It is really all on how your body heals. I waited two cycles. I know how hard that wait is, it sucks, but when u are able to successfully carry your baby to term and hold your baby, I can promise you won't regret that decision.


deltabwa - January 11

I suggest you read the first page about people waiting or not waiting and what docs have told them and not told them. And yes, I posted as well. My doctor (trained professional in high risk pregnancies) told me there was no reason to wait, I could try immediately or wait, the choice was mine. In my situation, I m/c'ed twice and tried immediately both times, unfortunately it took me 2 af's to conceive, so I do believe, your body is either ready or it's not. Good luck to you!


deltabwa - January 11

oops, clarifying, I m/c'ed 2 different times (years apart), and both times it took me 2 af's to conceive again.


airrenn02 - January 11

i had a d&c last april and my doctor was very adamant about me waiting 3 cycles to try again- she wanted me on clomid before we tried again and while she said it was completely up to us if we waited or not she also wouldn't prescribe the drugs until the start of my 3rd cycle. It was really hard to wait, but in the end I decided I would rather wait 3 months and achieve a healthy pregnancy then try again right away and run the risk of another miscarriage because my lining wasnt ready and I didn't have the clomid (she wanted me to use it specifically to support the first phase of pregnancy and hopefully avoid m/c). I waited very impatiently but looking back it really wasn't that long and we were able to conceive on the first round. I'm 27 1/2 weeks now and aside from a recent diagnosis of gestational diabetes everything has been very smooth. Bittersweet part about it all is that our baby is due now on the same day I lost my last one.


Jomeachka - January 11

That's the thing eh, trained certified actual Dr's say different things, some are saying wait some are saying you are safe to try right away. Airrenn02 was there a specific reason you were told to wait three months and were put on clomid? Because I was not even given an appt to see any Dr post d and c... I think I will go to the walk-in soon to ask my Dr about the persistent spotting and will bring up when it is safe to try again, see what he says ...


lexie77 - January 12

I had an ecotopic pregnancy in July 2010 and I was told to wait 2 weeks before having intercourse. She also wanted to me to have a cycle nefore trying. We got pregnant again in 2011 and was watched as a high risk pregnancy. I had anultrasound at 5 and 6 weeks. Everything looked good. When I went in at 9 weeks the baby had stopped growing. I went in on Nov 11 and had a D&C done. I was told again to wait 2 weeks for intercourse and wanted me to have a cycle. I got pregnant both times using Clomid 50mg. We are trying again but not wth clomid this time. May go to it if we are not pregnant this month. My doctor did say that when I get pregnant again she will probably have me take a low dosage aspirin everyday.


Jomeachka - January 13

Well I have talked to my Dr. A very good/nice man, he said that there is absolutely no reason not to start trying again whenever you feel like it. Also, I've been bleeding for about four weeks now and he says that is also fine, everbody's just different, it might be a bit of remaining material but that's not likely to cause any problem. Also, not sure if any of you also started producing milk after you miscarried but he said that's fine and doesn't need to be finished before you try again. I asked specifically about uterine lining being too thin after a d and c and he said it's not, they don't sc___pe them that thin and that there is absolutely no increased risk to getting pregnant at anytime. This is of course in my case if other people have complications it may well change things for them. He also stated the studies as accurate evidence to support it is safe to start trying whenever you feel you are ready.


Jet - February 25

The doctor that performed my d & c on Jan. 3rd, 2012 said that we could try again whenever we felt ready but my family doctor advised we wait three months and he put me on birth control for the next three months. Is anyone else here back on birth control also?



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