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michelleshockley - July 13

Hello! I had period on May 13th. First one since d and c in March. I tested for hcg on June 15th, negative. On June 20th took pregancy test and faint line appeared. Went to dr. they also got faint line. Took hcg on June 21st was 58. Has gone up since. My question is how would I determine when I would have gotten pregnant? I am pretty sure that we were intimate sometime in June,but do not know the date. Any information would be great.


Morrison1 - July 14

MICHELLE - do you know how long your luteal phase (the time between ovulation and af) usually is? Once that time frame is established it is almost always the same length (unless you begin taking progesterone supplements or begin treatment for a luteal phase defect of some kind). If you know, then use that as your guide...if you don't, I would say that it was around the two week mark, give or take. For most people, even faint lines can take anywhere from 9-15 days past ovulation to appear since it the length of time it takes for the fertlized egg to make it to implantation varies for everyone. The implant must occur and then a few days need to pa__s before you would see that line from urine. I would guess you probably ovulated in either the very last days of May or the very beginning of June and then it took about...but once they do the u/s and measure, they will be able to back date you pretty well. Good luck.


michelleshockley - July 14

Thank you for your responding Morrison!. I actually do not know how long my luteal phase is. I have been b___stfeeding my son for the last year. I have not really had any regular periods. I got pregnant both times while b___stfeeding. I have an ultrasound this afternoon. I had one last week, but the measurements and the photo of the ultrsound did not sound and look right,so he wants us to repeat it. The tech last week gave me no hope last week, saying that the sac had something in it, but that it was collasping. Please keep us in your thoughts. We really want this baby. Oh yeah, by the ultrasound it said almost 8 weeks, but that can not be right.



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