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Sunshine - April 20

Here is my question I have found out I was pregnant on 4/14/05 - I immediatly called the doctor to get in, because I am at high risk for ectopic pregnancy. We started to do beta hcg levels on 4/15/05 - the first result was 675.2 went to repeat this on 4/17/05- and it was 891.6, didn't quite double, but still okay range, We had done an ultrasound internally on 4-15-05 and seen what we thought something in my uterus. On Tuesday 4-19-05 we repeated the hcg and it come back very low... 521.5- to my surprise.... lower than the very first one taken. Went for another visit and internal ultra on 4-20-05- He then seen a gest. sac in my uterus and very clear something inside that sac. He is very sure this is a miscarriage, My question ---- Is it possible to still be pregnant and miscarrying at the same time? I return on Thursday for another hcg repeat, and have started spotting - but again, am i still pregnant? I have had tender br___t up until tuesday the 19th,,, that morning nothing, no br___t tenderness, as the day grew on, i then started to have sorness and tenderness again and it still has not left , i am having cramping due to the loss, however, i still feel as if i have another one there, is this possible, has this ever happend to anyone. Does your hcg levels drop and then rise again with a miscarry if you are pregnant with twins. I am only about exactly 5 weeks pregnant as of today. According to our calculations, if they are correct. We are not positive when the pregnancy Started... Someone please help !!! We are all hoping for the best,,,,, If this baby is still alive and kicking, I believe her name will be HOPE..... because we have done nothing but hope for the best !!! Tomorrow will show the true results of whether the hcg levels rise or drop more.... But normally don't see anything inside the sac until your levels are at 1500, and how ironic after 5 days we are seeing the sac and something in is even stumped but thinks miscarrage, and the levels weren't at 1500. Someone please give me some peace of mind..........


Heather - April 20

I have a co-worker who told me that she m/c'd and they wanted to do a d&c but when her lvles didn't go down they discovered she was in fact pregnant with twins. I don't know if your levels can go down & you still be pg. Good luck to you!


sunshine - April 20

thanks heather, hopefully when I go for the test tomorrow, they will go up, i have slowed down on spotting as much when i go to the bathroom, so may be from doc in there probing around today. not sure... just keeping my fingers crossed, that we will have a healthy little one soon.


sunshine - April 22

To give you an update, I started miscarrying somewhere around the 17th, I know this is when it happend, had an awful night of back pain, restlessness, and pain, cramping and that is when I had went for blood work on tuesday and levels dropped. So as of thursday after seeing the doc on wednesday morning and being hopeful that all was going to be somehow okay, found out after another blood test levels were dropping more. So as of thursday we have dropped to 250 level, and have to go for another test monday or tuesday morning to be sure levels continue to drop naturally and miscarry naturally. I just want this part to be over.... feel like someone has run over me for 2 days now. So will have to try try again, they say the third time is a charm ,,, hopefully that is what it takes.... the third time.... Good luck to everyone I will keep you posted if Healthy baby dust blesses me.......



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