Concerns Feeling High Risk After Miscarriage

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Pam - March 6

It's been about 4 weeks since my miscarriage at 12 weeks.I posted on here when it happened and had such an amazing response from people. Now that time has passed, I wanted to see if anyone has any of the same concerns as I do.The main thing concerns my doctor. While my first doctor was competent and very nice, I felt that some of my conerns were somewhat dismissed. I was simply given a bunch of statistics to use for the future. I don't know how you all feel, but most of us have already been on the wrong side of the statistics. We all were the 1 in 4 who miscarries. Now, being told that 85% of women who miscarry have a normal pregnancy isn't very reassuring.I'm scared that I'll be in the 15% that has another. To anyone else, that would sound negative, but I know on this website, we can share these thoughts and know we all have the same worries. I realize that generally speaking, I am not high risk...I am 28, this is my first pregnancy, we do not have genetic concerns. But, when I really thought about it, I decided that I FEEL high risk and that i want a doctor who understands these concerns and can treat me as high risk as I feel, within reason. A woman at work who finally had a baby after 3 losses (she's 32) recommended him to me and I have to say, he was amazing. There seems to be this consensus that you should have 3 miscarriages before you worry. Well, for any of us who has had one, feeling like it isn't taken seriously until perhaps another one is very painful. I understand that in many cases, the loss is a fluke, a random abnormality, but why go through the worry and heartache. I am so pleased with this doctor and his willingness to be aggressive and to make sure my body, my hormones and my immune system is in check. At my first visit with him last week, he addressed the stress that women who miscarry go through, and how the stress, the "why's", the "what if's" can make ttc and your next pregnancy more difficult.He said it was his job to take away as much of that worry and as many of the "what-if's" as he can. It was a great feeling to have him acknowledge that I am scared and to take whatever steps he can to make sure everything is okay for the next one, instead of this generally accepted wait and see approach.Finding a new doctor with a focus on these issues has really been reassuring and has taken some worry away.I read so much on here and on the web about women taking progesterone from the beginning, about hormone levels being monitored, etc.,even on first, low risk pregnancies. None of this was done for me. When I went in for my 2 week follow up, I asked him how we would proceed or how we will handle the next pregnancy differently, and he simply said that nothing would be done differently because there is no reason to suspect that this would happen again. I asked if i'd be given progesterone, and he said no, not yet. I walked out of there feeling concerned and worried as to when this would be taken seriously. Has anyone else had these concerns or considered switching doctors?


jenny - March 6

yes, I switched doctors because I wanted a blood test done and my doctor wouldn't do it. I had this strange feeling like I knew I was going to miscarry. My new doctor sent me to have bloodwork done but the same day I miscarried. I am very happy with my new doctor. He got me right in to have a d&c the day I miscarried.


lynette - March 6

Hi Pam, I posted on another thread where I saw you respond to someone's question to see how you are - I see now that you are having a hard time of it. I'm sorry you are so worried, and I can't really help because I've convinced myself that next time will be different. I read something really interesting on a website somewhere (I wish I could remember where) and I'll try to explain something that made me feel better, in a way. It said that with chromosomal abnormalities (which is the reason for most early miscarriages) at the point of conception when egg and sperm meet, all the chromosomes are in place set up for whatever they are responsible for at each stage. When the baby gets to the point of development that the chromosome was responsible for and it's not right, the pregnancy ends. That explains why some people miscarry at 6 weeks and others (like us) not until 10-12. At 12 weeks all the baby's bits are developed and just have to grow, which is why they say that usually m/c's happen in the first 12 weeks. I don't know if you find this information as comforting as I did, but I thought I'd share it with you. I don't think they test until there's a couple of m/c's because it happens so often without happening the next time, that even if they could tell you "yes it was chromosomal" there's nothing they can do to "prevent" it again without sending you and your hubby along for a battery of tests which would more than likely show that everything is normal. I don't know if this is helping you, or if I sound like one of those uncaring doctors - I guess I'm just relying on blind, stubborn faith because it's all we can really do. Good luck, Pam. :-)


Kara - March 6

Pam - If you don't feel comfortable with your dr, find another one. I had the same concerns you do and I approached my dr with those concerns. My doctor is a woman who has also suffered a miscarriage. She said that she will do everything she can next time to make me as relaxed as possible. Including monitor hormone levels, monthly ultrasounds, weekly heartbeat checks with her nurse if I want them. My advice - find a woman doctor. She will understand you better emotionally and physically. Good luck!


mulgajill - March 6

Well i have a couple of days to see if the ttc thing worked... and i will definately be seeing a woman doctor this time... last time before i had m/c the doctor asked lots of questions but didn't give many answers. I am not sure about progesterone... am thinking about it if i have not conceived this cycle... have an idea it is more use on older women (like me) who's natural hormone levels are on the downward spiral. hope this helps


Pam - March 20

Thanks for all the comments! My new doctor ran some blood tests, the same ones my previous doctor would run until 2 or 3 miscarriages.This week I found out that I have something in my blood, anticardiolipin, that likely caused the miscarriage. It affects clotting and can cause clotting in the placenta which can either slow the growth of the baby or cause it to die. Thankfully it is something that is easily fixed by taking blood thinners. My new doc put me on baby aspirin and when i get pregnant will have to take heparin. I am scared, naturally, but am glad to have an answer. In my case there was something to cause it, and given my health and one miscarriage, one would never suspect it. My advice to everyone is to get a second opinion and to have all the tests run for immunological problems, if possible. It's a simple blood test that will either rule out the concerns or help you find the treatment you need to have a successful pregnancy.I don't think anyone should ever have to chance having another miscarriage if you can take tests to rule out other factors.


stacey - March 21

PAM- thank you. I have been feeling a bit uncomfortable with my doc- he also said things wouldn't be done differtnly, but more monitoring (I had alot last time too). However, know he is one of the best ones in my area- I know lots of people that go to him. However, reading your note, made me think if I'm not comfortable, who cares! I think I will wait to see how he reacts when I get pregnant again and take it from there. My doc also happens to be the dr. of my family practice dr., so I feel as though I should trust him.


Debby - June 17

I have had 2 consecutive losses. One at 16 weeks (infection) one at 5 weeks. I was told I wasn't high risk and they would do nothing different in a subsequent pregnancy. Prior to these 2 events I had a normal pregnancy, labor and delivery.


staci - June 20

pam, I am not sure if you are still on this thread or not. thank you for giving your info...I have now had 2 m/c's, one in march at 6.5 weeks and one 2 weeks ago at 8.5 weeks, both times we saw heartbeats and then when had f/u's heartbeat was no longer there. I am truly certain I have something causing me to m/c, I dont feel it is chromosonal or "bad luck" as I have been told. I am seeing my doctor on thursday to have f/u post D&C but am hoping some testing can be done to find out why? how soon after a m/c can they start testing and how long did it take to get your results? thanks


Rebekah - June 22

My doctor was actually pretty compa__sionate about my m/c. He actually gave us a date when we could start trying to conceive again. He said he looked forward to seeing me in another few months to start helping me with my pregnancy. I would consider getting a new doctor.



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