Confirmed M C But Still Not Bleeding No Signs Yet

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linds99 - February 2

I m/c my baby at 8 weeks (it was measuring about 11 days behind schedule and only measured at 6 weeks 1 day when it died on Jan. 23-but it had a heartbeat.) Anyway, my question is it has been 9 days since the baby died...when will I start bleeding? When will I start having signs of a miscarriage? So far nothing. Just slight lower back ache. How long will this go on? How long should I wait before they do something to induce it?


stefkay - February 2

linds, I had a similar situation. I went to my first u/s at 6w4d and only measured less than 5 wks. Went back a week later when I should have been 7w4d and measured about 5w5d and there was a strong hb. Fast forward to a 3rd u/s where I should have been almost 11 weeks and they found the baby only measured about 6.5w and no hb. They said I would m/c soon and that sometimes it takes more than 3 WEEKS for the body to recognize. I was on progesterone, so that may have slowed the process for me. I m/c'd about a week after that appt. so all in all it took almost 4 weeks for my body to recognize it was over. I hate to tell you that b/c it's not much to look forward to. In the week that I actually knew I decided i couldn't go on lke that and scheduled a d&c, but m/c'd naturally before the procedure. If you haven't been on progesterone or anything like that, it may happen soon, but for peace of mind, many choose to do a d&c because it is all over and done with quickly. I'm so very sorry for your loss...


DownbutnotOUT - February 2

I had a missed m/s but didnt know until i started bleeding at 11 weeks 1 day and the baby had pa__sed at 6 weeks 6 days, so about 4 weeks 2 days before my body started to m/c. I m/c'd naturally 4 days after the first bleed band had some really painful moments, I even had to get a shot of morphine for the pain. Im soooooooo sorry your going through this and it sounds like your m/c might actually happen on its own, take care.


jalbert - February 2

linds, sorry for your loss. I had a blighted ovum diagnosed at 9 weeks and the pregnancy had stopped around 5 weeks. I had very light spotting off and on....which I had during my first pregnancy (went on to deliver a healthy baby girl). My OB said that it could take another 4-6 weeks to m/c. Because the pregnancy had ended 4 weeks prior, my OB felt that I needed to make a decision. If I left it go, I could m/c naturally on my own, but risk infection (anything longer than 4 weeks can cause infection of the uterus). I could have also scheduled a D&C or us misoprostol to induce the m/c. I chose the misoprostol because of my age since the OB said the D&C could leave scar tissue and cause some fertility issues. Let me just say this: I would never recommend the misoprostol! It was horrible! It took me two days to finally pa__s the tissue and I bled to no end! I would give it another week or so and see what happens, and if nothing, then go back to your OB for options. I'm sorry that you're going through this.


Angela.B.L - February 3

I am very sorry for your loss. I am in a similar position. I should be 11 weeks pregnant now, but 2 1/2 weeks ago i had some bleeding - no pain and only knew when i went to go for a shower. i had an emergency scan 3 days later when i should have been 8/9 wks pregnant and all that was there was the sac, the yolk sac, the pouch of hormones and what they thought may be a foetal pole. I was told to come back in 2 weeks as they thought i could possibly have conceived late - i did not believe that for a second as i have never missed a period etc and thought it was unlikely. Anyway i went back yesterday and the only change is a growth by 1mm! Which is not viable and also because its being supported by the hormones - it could even be that the scan wasn't totally accurate and there is no change. So from that i would imagine it stopped growing at maybe 4/5 weeks - i am not sure to be honest about the stages etc - its my 1st pregnancy so don't have the knowledge. Anyway the early pregnancy unit wanted me to come back in 2 weeks and be re-scanned agin. I insisted in talking to the ward sister and a doctor as even with my lts knowledge i know a baby needs to develop more than 1mm in 2 weeks, they both said that they are 100% it will not continue so i am booked in for a D&C on Monday. But i figure that i have had 6 weeks at least where i have not been able to miscarry naturally. Its awful as although this is the worst thing to happen, at this stage i cant wait for it to happen so that i can move on.


BeccaC - February 3

I am so sorry about your m/c. I had back to back m/c's last year and I never bled for either of them. The first was a blighted ovum, baby stopped growing at 5 weeks - I didn't know until my 12th week when the Dr checked the heartbeat for the first time - for 7 weeks I had no idea that I had m/c. Both times I went immediately for a D&C instead of "waiting it out." I think it is easier emotionally to get it over with. I hope you can get stronger every day, and realize that it is not your fault. All the best & lots of HUGS!!


linds99 - February 5

What an awful experience for us to go through, thanks for sharing your stories. I still have not bled on drop yet! This is maddening. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks, so I guess I should wait it out at least another week before doing a d&c...which I really don't want. Thanks again ladies for sharing your stories and advice, I very much appreciate it.


JuJu - February 5

Hi Linds99; both of my miscarriages last year were 'missed' miscarriages, where there is some time between when the baby pa__ses away and when the body actually starts to expel the baby. I eventually had the D&C procedure for both, which actually was both a physical and mental relief. I hope that the process starts soon for you, and that you recover quickly {{hugs}}, JuJu


Angela.B.L - February 5

I have just had my D&C and found afterwards it was extremley painful, of which i dont know why but i was not expecting. Is this normally the case? Linds it can take several weeks for your body to realise which is difficult but you have to do what feels right. I felt that i could not wait, but see how it goes and talk to your Dr?


linds99 - February 6

JuJu, Angela, thanks for your input. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see if any activity is occuring in the uterus will be two weeks on Wednesday. This just sucks, I seriously don't want a D& worried about just wanting this done naturally...anyone try that pill that they put up there, the abortion pill to get things going? How was that for you?


sarah ahmed - February 6

I had missed miscarried my baby at 8 weeks and only found out at my 12 week scan. i had no bleeding or any miscarriage symptoms. im wondering if i hadnt gone for a scan how long would it have taken for my body to acknowledge the miscarriage?????


jenn_ns - February 6

linds 99 -- I'm so sorry for your loss. My m/c was almost 2 years ago. I found out at 12 weeks that my baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. I decided to wait it out, and do it naturally. I didn't start spotting until 15 weeks. My doctor told me to get to the hospital at the first sign of blood. I was in hospital for 4 days. She was ready to let me go home, but I insisted that I stay, and I pa__sed it thru the night. Then she insisted that I have a D&C anyway. They were pumping me full of Tylenol3, so I didn't have a lot of pain...some heavy cramps. The D&C didn't hurt 'down there' but I felt as if my body was bent like a pretzel. My muscles ached from head to toe. When I went for my 2 week check-up after the D&C, the doctor found some clots that she missed during the D&C (??? It didn't sound very common to me), and rushed me into the ER (her office was at the hospital). I was pumped full of Morphine while she got rid of those clots. I was awake for that, and I considered it another D&C, although I'm not sure what my doctor called it. Everyone's experience is different, and I pray that yours isn't too hard on you. You're in my thoughts & prayers, linds. Luckily for me, my 2 best friends went thru a m/c and they were both there for me, and left me alone, when I wanted to be alone.


Angela.B.L - February 6

Linds, i dont know how long it takes - i really think it varies but i would think in 6 weeks i still hadn't. I was under general anesthetic for the D&C so didnt obviously feel anything, but i did have awful pains. They have gone pretty much after today. My opinion is that the waiting was wrecking my head (from the 1st scan i had 2 wks ago, i knew i had miscarried) i personally could not wait for it to happen so it was best for me to have the D&C. Apart from the initial pain, i think i am glad - sounds weird and wrong to say glad at all in this kind of a conversation! that it is done now and i am not waiting it out. Good luck - i know exactly how you are feeling x


jenn_ns - February 7

Hi linds99. I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing today. I realize (oh boy, do I!) just how lonely a process this is. Waiting is the worst. I know just what you mean about being scared to leave your house. I was like that, too. Then I did venture out...not far... With me, I was scared that everything would happen at once, but it didn't. It took 4 days once the spotting started (it started as a brown discharge. Doctor said it was old blood). If you can, go for a little drive. The fresh air will do you good. I didn't know about this forum when I was having my m/c, but I wish I had known about it, because I had a lot of questions. My family wasn't great, because they didn't know much about m/c - neither did I. But my friends were great for me -- 2 of my best friends had gone thru this. I hope you have someone to talk to. When I was in the hospital, I was very surprised at how many nurses had gone thru it. Take care -- and know i'm thinking of you at this terrible time. xx


linds99 - February 7

Thanks Jenns and Angela. I am doing alright. The doctor wants me to do the D&C on Tuesday (that will be 3 weeks since losing the heartbeat). At least I have a few more days to see if this can resolve on its own. And I won't have regret going into the D&C that it "may have happened" on its own, you know? She wants to do a physical on me on Friday??? Do you guys know why? She also wants to do a complete blood count (what is this) for what reason? Did you guys have this done before the D&C?? Ironically, this girl I met on the forum that went through IVF around the same time as I did just emailed me that she miscarried at 12 weeks and she just had her D&C last Friday. So I do have her to chat with too. But still, this forum is awesome because more women can share their unique experiences and we can all gain knowledge from it.


jenn_ns - February 8

I had bloodwork done (I just thought it was routine -- I never ask enough questions -- but I wished I did) If something is on your mind -- ask. They might go thru this type of thing all the time, but you don't! As for the check-up, your doc will probably want to check your cervix to see if it's open or closed. If it's open, then things will happen soon. I let things happen "on it's own" when I was having a m/c, and then my OB insisted that I have a D&C anyway. It would happen... but there's no telling how long that might take. Your body would do it on it's own, whenever it was good & ready. That would be really hard on you. The waiting and wondering part. Linds... when everything is over, do something for yourself. Like taking a trip, get something for yourself. For me, I cut my hair. It made me feel better. (Although a trip would have been nice, too!) My doc told me to do that... so I'm just pa__sing her advice on!


linds99 - February 8

Hi Jenns, that is good advice. I actually cut my hair too, I needed a change, maybe wanted to change my ident_ty! My DH wants to go on vacation becacuse we have been on the ttc road for over a year now without a break, and it is taxing. For him too,because he goes through all the shots and c___p along with me. But we'll see about leaving (I just want to start again and don't care about anything else!) But I did start bleeding red yesterday night, so it was exactly 2 weeks since I lost the heartbeat that it has started-the m/c. And my HCG levels were at 13,000 yesterday, so I tabulate they will be down to nil in about 2 weeks. Right now, I stayed home from work, as I don't want to be going through this on the train or at work. It just feels like a period right now, but my lower back is hurting me. I hope I won't still need the D&C next Tuesday, I hope it all comes out by then? Do you think, since I am bleeding now, that it will be over by next Tuesday (5 days from now?) I just pray that I won't need that surgery, I've already been through IVF and I plan to go through it again after this is over, I couldn't bear to go through another hospital check in unless it is for creating life or giving birth. My husband was also begging God to give us a break all day yesterday, to let this happen on its own, and ironically, it did start yesterday night. I have PCOS and dealing with my ovulaltion problems is enough, but to have the possibility of scarring on my uterus would be really bad for us to worry about. Thanks again for all your support ladies. I sooooo appreciate you guys.



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