Confused No Sac But Thick Endometrium

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leslie26 - May 7

i'm so glad i found this site. it was my comfort this past week when i was ordered "complete bed rest". here is my situation: my last period was mar 14, my period came at regular 30-31 days cycle. we wre trying to have our first baby after getting married last dec. last apr 21-27, i had spotting (brown) which i thought will be the strat of my period. april 28, the brown turned light red and by night time, it looked like my period already, only a bit lighter. i woke up at 3 am last april 30 with cramps and still with the mens like blood and was rushed to the ER. urine preg test showed i was positive. all the HPT, about 6 of them, showed i ws negative. the doc said by cervix is closed so i might not be miscarrying but the transva___al ultrasound found no sac. after a week of going crazy, i did another US and still no sac but my cervix n(or was it uterus, cant remember) is still closed and the endometrium still has thick lining of 1.1. now i don't know if im pregnant or have miscarried. i just want to know as this is making me crazy. thaks for listening.


Tasman Bay Butterfly - May 12

Thick endometrium just means your uterus is rich and ready to nourish an embryo. If they didn't see a sac and you got a positive pregnancy test, then you are probably in the very earliest stages of pregnancy, too early for the other hpt's to pick up! The spotting was probably implation bleeding. Your cervix has closed, so I'd say you are very newly pregnant. You haven't miscarried. I'm an ultrasound tech. 1.1 endometrium is just right for supporting a new pregnancy. No cause for worry! Only if it was alot more thickened than that without a sac would there be cause for concern. Congratulations!


armywife4life - May 12

Im not trying to scare you but I had the same thing the bleeding browning, kept going to the er saying I was closed doing ultrasounds, bloodwork, I ended up having ectopic pregnancy..I hope everything turns out ok for you


slowpoke01 - May 13

armywife-mine was the same as you. i did get a + hpt. and about 2 or 3 days later started bleeding and it would go back and forth from spotting to heavy and then back to spotting and then i started cramping and hurting thought i was having a miscarriage. i had numerous u/s that showed no sac but a thick lining. and about 2 weeks after my +hpt i found out that it was ectopic. i found this out after i woke up one morning hurting so bad that i couldnt stand up or even walk. i was having to crawl around the house and i called the doc and went in and it was ectopic. LESLIE-i would seriously go back to the doc. if they doc an hcg blood test and the #'s come back 2000 or above and still no sac then there is something wrong. my hcg level was 3800 and they said that they should have seen something at 2000 and that the reason for all of my pain was probably because my tube was about to rupture. if you let it go too long and your tube ruptures then it will make it harder for you to conceive later on. good luck to you.


armywife4life - May 13

Slow im sorry for your lost, I forgot to add that my levels were well over 5,000 when they finally gave me my first shot of methotrexate... My numbers were doubling just as a normal pregnancy however, I had nothing on an U.S. An ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous, it can cause death if left untreated (due to a ruptured tube) however I have experienced a ruptured tube and I dont know how anyone couldnt but help to go to a hospital, the pain was the worse I had ever felt, I was bleeding internally...Im sorry for graphic, but when my tube ruptured I stood up and blood ran down my leg into my sock, I was rushed to the er, then into emergency surgery where they fixed what was left of my left tube, then I spent 3 days in ICU due to loss of blood. Thank god the methotrexate worked with my 2nd ectopic. Please dont mess around if you believe you may even have the slightest sign of an ectopic pregnancy


lauranky89 - September 2

hi, i am new to this site. well i have just experienced a suspected miscarriage, i had bleeding and lost a clot, i went to the hospital and had a scan, however i was only 5 weeks, they said they could not tell me if i had miscarried or if it was just too early to see a developing pregnancy, im so confused. they said my endometrium is 8mm. i just want to know if i have had a miscarriage or not, my head is all over the place. does anyone have any advise, please.


sarahgoodwin1 - October 23

lauranky89- What was the turn out to your situation? I just got home from ER and same thing. I am bleeding (like reg. period) did HPT came out positive this am started to bleed and I got worried. Inconclusive they Said I could have threatened miscarriage or too early to tell less than 5 wks pregnant or could be epotopic. Ultra sound didn't find a baby. My HcG levels were 475. I'm scheduled to go back in 48 hours to see if they are higher. Should be doubled every day I guess. Then to determine. What am I to do for two days? So frustrating. Supposed to be in positive happy spirits.


alisoneccles - June 8

hi am just new to this site and i have 2 other children and i have just found out i am pregnant again but i have had a bit of bleeding so i went for a scan today and they said my lining of my uterus is 10mm thick but they cant see a sac so i have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan i had bleeding with my other 2 and it turned out to be implantation bleeds i am still feeling sick and have tender b___sts can you help please ?!


misser - October 29

i had spotting last september for about a week then light bleeding for 2 days. had HPT 2-3 days after that. i don't know if it was positive or negative since it showed a very very faint line that it can barely be seen. had another HPT 3-5 days after that and i got the same result. had a US and they found no sac or fetal pole. but my endometrium is 12mm thick. then i had spotting again this october. alternating spotting to light bleeding. does not look like my period at all. then i had another HPT 2-3 days after spotting, got a barely noticeable line again. my b___sts continuously feel tingly and oftentimes sore. haven't visited my OB again. i don't know what to feel anymore. my OB said i probably had a miscarriage last september. but why did i get the same result this october? another possibility that she mentioned was ectopic pregnancy. i often feel lower abdominal pain. but bearable pain. so i really don't know.


marianuc_m5 - September 2

Hi I am new to this site...I am 35 years of age,married for 7 yrs and having irregular menstruation and never had positive pregnancy test,but my last pregnancy test was positive, went to my ob and undergo transv____al ultrasound impression is thickened endometruim my OB said early pregnancy.but then a week after i had spotting then next day was completely bleeding. and my OB said egg not successfully implant so spontaneous abortion.but then i ask for second opinion to one of the ob and she said i wasn't have proof of pregnancy base on my ultrasound since the beginning.Cause I don't have a blood clot came out, it was just a plain mens.But when she did pregnancy test the second line color is lighter than before it was positive. but still the doctor said i wasn't pregnant. I am really confuse with those two Obs which one is true. Maybe anyone having knowledge about this case. Please help me for this.Thank you


concerned4me - June 14

Tasman, I have a question. I went to my doctor on the June 8th just to get my lady parts checked due to very abnormal, longer, and painful cycles since Dec and he said my bladder felt full and check me of course vaginally and then with an ultrasound. He said my edometrium is 12c when it should only be 10 and explained everything to me and prescribed meds for me to take to help sheep the lining and help my cycle. .but on June 12th I took a pregnancy test and it was positive (I have not started the meds yet. I wanted to see if my cycle would start on its own).I had taken a home test the Friday or Saturday before and they were negative, so was the one at the doctor office. Could me endometrium be 12c vs 10c because I'm pregnant? He didn't see a sac either or could it be something more serious that could be causing a false positive considering all the test that's been taken and negative? Thanks in advance


hobby - July 21

Pls I need an urgent reply dat will ease my worries. I took hcg shot on the 21 June and I have not seen my menses this July. I did pregnancy test but negative. I went in for tvs n my dr saw a thick uterus wall but no sac. Am begining to get worried. Pls anybody in the forum fo help. Tnx


jordanlblanchard - October 1

What if you don't have a sac and it's thick? How is that bad?


wolverine - December 28

Hi, i am 23 years old with irregular periods. I missed my last cycle more than three weeks. got myslef tested and found postive, but the US shows no sac , docs are not ruling out molar pregnancy or ecotopic pregnancy.... the US shows that Endometrium thickness is 22mm, and there is no visible sac in the uteres. right now the docs say that it could be very early pregnancy ???


usagi - May 28

i suspected that i was pregnant due to 10 days delay. on the 11th day i had spotting for 3 days then regular flow for 2 days.. i had my transv earlier and was advised that my cervix is close, my endometrium is 13mm thick.  no sac.  i dont know what it means


Nikkimarie - April 19

I just got a ultrasound done because i was spotting and it says i have a endometrium measuring 2.0 what does that mean 



arzoo andaleeb - August 12

Hi Ladies,

 i am 26 years old with irregular periods. I missed my last cycle more than 5 weeks. I visited to hospital & dr gave me HCG Beta, in the result the level was 120 but the doctors saying its early pregnancy so dont be worry. After 4-5 days i felt pain in abdomen they recommended me US  & showed no sac , the US shows that Endometrium thickness is 12mm, and there is no visible sac in the uteres. I am confused what's this? Plz answer.



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