Confused No Sac But Thick Endometrium

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arzoo andaleeb - August 12

Hi Ladies,

 i am 26 years old with irregular periods. I missed my last cycle more than 5 weeks. I visited to hospital & dr gave me HCG Beta, in the result the level was 120 but the doctors saying its early pregnancy so dont be worry. After 4-5 days i felt pain in abdomen they recommended me US  & showed no sac , the US shows that Endometrium thickness is 12mm, and there is no visible sac in the uteres. I am confused what's this? Plz answer.


nannytobe - August 22

Tasman Bay Butterfly

my daughter had a trans at 6 and 5 days, gestational sac and yolk, no heart beat could be seen yet, measured 11mm

had a scan at 7 and 6 and now it is measuring 8mm.

should we be concerned?

thanks, from a worried nannytobe - August 25

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Kmoney - February 6

What was your result? I’m currently going threw this. 



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