Confused Only A Sac No Baby

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androula - November 29

hi i am so glad i have found this forum. i have just had my second miscarriage in one year me and my husband are devastated. i am feeling so anxious and paranoid all the time. i wonder if you guys can help me. i went for my scan at twelve weeks and all they saw was a a yolk sac. it was 24 mm long. i passed the sac naturally . the next day before i was discharged my doctor was very vague all he said to me was we routinely send them of to a lab to confirm it was a pregnancy that was all he said and that it will take 3 weeks. i am so anxious and confused as to why they are testing the fetal sac. i have spoken to my gp but he tells me different things every time i see him. yesterday he told me i could have have had a mole pregnancy and that why they are testing it. . i said to him why did the consultant not tell me this .i got really scared then and rang the ward i was on and the nurse told me that nobody has mentioned that they think its molar i so confused i need answers in order to move on. would my consultant have not told me if he suspected it was molar ?


NicoleML - December 5

Thats has happened to me twice as well. 11 weeks and no baby on the ultra sound just the yolk sac.. No one has confirmed anything for me although my Doctor did say that i have over eager eggs...and they trick my body into thinking that it is pregnant..I am confused too and have no idea what is wrong..


JessC531 - December 5

This is called a blighted ovum. I had one about a year and a half ago. Basically, the egg is fertilized and implants, but because of some sort of chromosomal issue, the fetus never develops. There will be a sac, but no baby. I know how devastating it can be... I had a really rough time of it because I was so excited to be having a baby, and then I found out it didn't exist. I'm still not sure what to think of it. When does a baby become a baby? If you know what I mean. Anyway, I was also told they thought it could be a molar pregnancy, but because my hcg levels were very high. Did they mention that at all? Mine was not molar, so we were able to start trying again fairly soon (as soon as I was emotionally ready!). We now have a beautiful 4 month old daughter. I'm sure you will have a baby soon too! Blighted ovums are random, and not caused by something "wrong" with you, so the chances of it happening to you again are pretty slim. Good luck.


stefkay - December 5

Hi androula, what Jess said is perfect! It does seem to be random. Do you know what happened in your first miscarriage? Usually doctors will wait until after 3 losses to perform testing, but sometimes will do it after 2, but again, a blighted ovum seems to be fairly common, but sporadic occurence. I'm so very sorry for your loss and hope that you can try again soon!


BeckyBunny - December 6

I also had a blighted ovum my first pregnancy. In most cases it is random, and more common than people think. After my second miscarriage though (which was natural at home, there was actually a baby that time) I was diagnosed with PCOS, which we believe could be a factor because PCOS can cause underdeveloped/deformed eggs. So chances are you will be fine and have no problems next time around, but be sure to ask questions and check all avenues just in case.


stefkay - December 6

Hi Becky! I saw your post on the first tri board and thought this was you, but I wasn't sure because you didn't mention anything, lol. How are you? So you are TTC now? YAY! Tell me about it if you want :) I still have the same FF address - fertilityfriend dot com / home / stefkay (take out spaces, etc.) It is the same as before but I have my u/s pics up now. It's been a little over a year since I started coming to this site but it feels like 5, LOL! whew....



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