Contraction Like Cramping 1 Week After Miscarriage

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bkatilus - August 19

I recently had my second miscarriage. I passed, what I thought was, most of the tissue and clots last Saturday (8/12). On Monday, I went to the doctor to confirm and to bring in the tissue I had fished out of the toilet (Sorry). They did an ultrasound and said that I had passed the tissue and just had some left-over blood clots. The doctor said I would not need a D&C this time. (I had one last time). Anyway, he said that the bleeding would last for 7-10 days. Since then, I've been lightly bleeding, which is to be expected, but this morning, Saturday (8/19), I woke up with terrible contraction like pains. It feels like extraordinarily bad period cramps, but not constant like that. They stop and start, but are dully there constantly. Why would I be getting contraction-like pain if I already passed the tissue? Could I have an infection? Are the left-over clots blocking my cervix, causing the cramping? I guess I wouldn't be worried if blood was coming out too because I would assume my body was getting rid of the rest of the clots, but blood is not accompanying the cramps. Well, at least not any more than the very light bleeding I was already having. Please help with suggestions.


JessC531 - August 19

I had the same type of pains a few days after my d/c. They became EXTREMELY painful and I ended up in the ER. It was a uterine infection. I would definitely call your doctor. If it is an infection, you definitely want to catch it as soon as possible. Good luck.


marranie - August 19

Would check with your doctor, get another u/s. I had some cramps with last m/c and bleeding a few days after i thought all was finished and cleared out, went to doctor and he put me straight onto strong antibiotics and said to take them until i had u/s. All was ok on u/s so just stopped the antibiotics. Taking them for two days while waiting for u/s results was a good option as i was covered if there was an infection and no harm done if all was clear,


Sjpal1019 - November 26

Hey I was hoping you could let me know how everything turned out for you, since I now find myself in pretty much the exact same situation. After seven weeks I had a miscarriage and had to have a D&C on August 17. Then I got a weird period I n September, a normal one in October, and must’ve gotten pregnant and not even realized after that one because I had a natural miscarriage just recently in the middle of November. Now it’s been over a week and I’m experiencing bleeding again and cramping that feels like a period, but I obviously know it isn’t. What was your outcome?



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