Cornaul Ectopic And My Story

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m - June 7

I'm not even sure where to begin but it feels theraputic to write this down...on March 4 after some spotting my husband and I went to get checked out by our midwife. I was 11wk 5 days. they had trouble finding the heart beat. Sent us to get an emergency sonogram only to find the baby had stopped growing at 9wks. We were crushed. We had a D/c done on March 8. i had never felt such pain. We have a 19mos old and had spotting with that pg and everything was fine so this time i was caught off guard. We waited one cycle and found ourselves pg 6 wks after m/c. We were so excited and hopeful. I had been reading that after most m/c's you go on to have healthy babies...well this pg was very different. I was having many symptoms which didn't happen with the baby we lost so i was feeling very hopeful. We opted for an early ultasound to check things out b/c of the m/c. We went in and I refused to look at the screen. There is nothing worse than a empty screen and silent doplar. but the nurse told me to look b/c there was our heartbeat. 171 very good and the measurements were great. My husband and i rejoiced at the news. She left to bring us a picture...only instead she came back with the doctor who immediately stated that we needed to do a va___al ultrasound. She was concerned that this pg was ectopic. After she looked she explained that this was an ectopic pg and it was located in the uterine lining, also called cornaul ectopic. She said its very rare and fatal. We had to have a d&c completed that next day. She said that b/c of where the baby implanted my uterus lining would only be able to hold the baby for another week at that point rupturing everything and causing me to bleed out in minutes and die. All of this bad news at once was devestating. I begged for them to save my babies life. We are so heartbroken and lost. I can't believe this has happened to us again. Please has anyone gone through this? I feel so sad...


Allie - June 8

Your story is heartbreaking! I also had an ectopic pregnancy, although mine was tubal and ruptures at 11 weeks. This was my first pregnancy, so I believed the dr when they said nothing was wrong at 6 weeks (after research I now know that there were a lot of signs the dr ignored, but was very ignorant at that time). I was devastated at first, but 2 1/2 months later it is much easier. I still miss my baby and mourn my loss, but it's not a constant thing, and I am enjoying my life again. Please stay hopeful, I'm sure God will see you through this trying time!


kris - June 9

I've had 2 ectopics and know all to well the hurt. The first one was so much easier, even though it ruptured, b/c I didn't know I was pregnant. It all happened so fast, that I didn't have time to rejoice in being pregnant. This time I found out I was pregnant and knew so for 3 weeks before the ectopic diagnosis. It was much more difficult for me. I don't know if that's b/c it was number 2, or if I had time to be excited about being pregnant.


t - June 16

sorry to hear your story i to had a ectopic but in my left tube at 8 weeks and it ruptured i lost 2.5 liters of blood and was told i was 5 mins from death,it was awful we were trying for 2 years for this baby, we are very scared to try again ,



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