Could I Be Pregnant Again

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vix - March 2

8 weeks ago i lost my 12 week old baby girl to a cot death. she was the most beautifull little girl i ever knew. my pain is emense, and i miss her so much. two days ago my husband and i has unprotected s_x, i was 12 days into my cycle, he did pull out however it was very much the last split second. today i was sat at the computer and i had a small amount of spotting it was like watery blood, obviously the brain flags have gone up, could i have been caught!!!!! does anyone know if you could have spotting like this just two days later if you had started a conception? im very confused, i long to hold a baby once again but im so scared that its my precious little girl that i really want and none other!


jessieb - March 2

i am so sorry for your loss, i can't imagine what you are going through. i think that the spotting that you witnessed was most likely ovulation spotting, since it was at day 14 of your cycle. i was unaware of ovulation spotting till it happened to me last year and some gals on the 'signs of pregnancy' told me about it. on the brighter side, if you want to try to conceive this cycle, that is a great signal of ovulation.


sososleepy - March 2

Hi vix. I'm sorry. I can't begin to imagine..... Hugs. If the spotting was 0, the swimmers were 48 hours old, and they live happily in the RE incubator for 72 hours, so yes, you could, but if he pulled out in time, that reduces (but does not eliminate) your chances a lot, as long as he pulled out and far enough away because the little swimmers do travel.... Nope, when the sperm meet the egg (which usually happens at the ampulla, or the outer half of the fallopian tube nearest your ovaries) they get together and divide on their floating journey down the fallopian tube for a few days, then implant into the lining of your uterus, generally 6 to 10 days after they first meet. For a few rare people, the implant causes a bit of a spot, but for most it does not. Then it takes another day or two for the hCG to be high enough to detect on a pg test (or to give you symptoms).



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