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Kathy K. - April 23

I feel exactly the same way that I did before I miscarried the week of March 14th. Headaches, zits and dizzy. I also noticed small bumps around my nipples but I'm not sure if they're there from my last pregnancy. Took tests this week (April 18th) and all were negative, but I still feel pregnant--Is it all in my head?????


TL - April 23

WOW, i never get that, I always got no pimples.. does something to my hormones... that is a way for me to sorta tell, that I am pregnant.... no zits... yeaahhh.. But still wait a few days still no af... then take a pg test.... and if you do start bleeding and it is not a normal af... then call your doc, very possible preg again, or something affecting it since the m/c. I am still in the process of m/c right now, and i am waiting for all the wonderful pain and stress a__sociated to go away....I have read some post where there are some that got preg right after m/c... good luck,,, and HEALTHY Baby Dust to All and to you !!! Good Luck. Keep us posted.


Isabella - April 23

I miscarried March 23 and have been ttc right away.Haven't had AF yet, took test 4/21 bfn but still feel pregnant. My HCG levels went down to 0 rather quickly after m/c. I have all the same symptoms as Kathy K. Could I be preg again already?


Allie - April 24

I'm dealing witht he same thing - I had had EXACTLY the same symptoms as I ddi in the first couple of weeks of my pregnancy, but the test I took was a BFN. Except, I didn't get a CBP until late when I was pregnant, too. I am so confused...I don't know if I am making myself feel pregnant or if there really is a chance I am pregnant again already (I m/c march 23rd).


nica - April 24

A Me Too here! I had a D&C at 7 weeks, on the 20th of March. Now I have slightly tender b___bs and they look a little bigger. I took a baseline hpt two days ago and it was negative (yes i know it's still too early to see a positive but I was hoping.... plus I thought it was good to see where it was at now so that if I do get pregnant in the next few weeks and take a test I will be able to believe the result if it comes up positve!) My gums are starting to hurt again too - it started during my preg, then went away at the miscarriage... If I'm pregnant I'll gladly put up with sore gums!


Kathy K. - April 24

Well it's Sunday and I woke up with a terrible headache (just like when i was pregnant is Feb.) so I took another test, and another BFO. I don't know what is wrong with me. I never experienced headaches like this in my life, and to boot I have another new pimple this morning. TL I hope everything is O.K. with you. I bled for about 6 days and the first few days were the worst. So I hope you feel alright.


Kathy K. - April 24

Do any of you ladies know if it is too early for me to doing a HPT. I believe I was ovulating the week of April 3rd because I felt little twinges in my abdomen on the right side on Sunday the 3rd and almost all week it was a wet and slippery situation, if you know what I mean. So I thought that I was actually ovulating that week..Anyone else had this situation? Hope you're o.k. TL.


staci - April 25

hi ladies-baby dust to eveyone. i too am hoping to be pg this month. I have not had af since my m/c on 3/27 yet, I dont know when to test either...some have told me to wait 6 weeks past D&C, what do you think? how is everyone doing? any more signs? new testing news? i dont even know when I am if I already have ovulated.


Crystal - April 25

Hi guys - Best of luck to you all. I had a m/c on natural m/c and pa__sed everything on 3/12, mylevels a week after that was less than 2. I have no clue when I ovulated. But when the 4th week after my m/c I did not start my af (normal af is 4-6 weeks after but I was anxious) I got a BFP!!!!! I called my doc to see if it could still be left over she doubted it and we took a blood test and my levels are 3404 then 6725. So this is a new pg. I kept track of everytime my husband and I was ttc. So I got pg either the 2nd or 3rd wk after my m/c. So it is very possible - good luck and baby dust to all!!!!!!!


Kathy K. - April 25

Crystal did you count the day you started your m/c as your 1st day, like you do with a period? You are so lucky. This week I still have bad headaches, oh well we'll have to see.


staci - April 25

crystal-congratulations! that is great news! I am so happy for you! What were your cycles like prior to m/c? I am wondering if I should test yet or not...I feel as though I may be getting af but then again I felt that way last time too when I found out I was pg. so confused! maybe I will try and wait until next week to test! congrats!


sarah - April 26

crystal..thats fab news!! did you have any spotting at all in between.. i have been spotting on and off for real af though..??


Crystal - April 26

Thanks so much Kathy K, Staci and Sarah. I did count the 12th as my first day. I did have some brown spotting and cramping on 04/06 - thought that was af coming but now I think was more like implantation spotting. My cycles before the m/c were the average 28 rarely I wuld be off periodically through the year. Best of luck and keep me posted on what is going on with you guys.


staci - April 26

crystal-thanks for advice, i too hope that i am pg soon! i am waiting af to arrive or to take hpt and get BFP but I would be really surprised if I was. did you feel as though af was coming before you tested? I feel somewhat crampy and am breaking out and b___bs feel somewhat sore-dont know if it is af showing up or not. havent tested yet, mainly b/c i am afraid to get result-nervous mainly that i would m/c again. how far along are you? when do you go into the doc? not to bring up past but how far along were you when you m/c'd? so excited for you!


Kathy K. - April 26

Crystal what other symptoms did you and are you experiencing since you found out you are pregnant now? Do you feel the same now as you did when you were pregnant before?? I do. Headaches, zits and dizzy. I know these symptoms stopped after my m/c and now they are back again. Talk to you all later.


Kar - April 29

To Crystal....Did you have any symptoms of your ovulation after your miscarriage and before you found out you were pregnant??? Congrats by the way!!!:)


staci - April 29

crystal-good luck on tuesday, I will be thinking ofyou! the latest is this...I took a hpt on wednesday and it came back positive, so I called the doc who had me come in that afternoon for hcg test and called to tell me yesterday that my level was at 57 she felt it was still probably from the m/c but had me come in this morning to do another waiting on pins and needles to get it back. nervous, scared, and excited. I dont want to get any hopes up thouhg. one week after D&C and at 2 weeks after D&C I tested and had negatives then this week I just felt "pg" and took tests, 6 now, and all have been positive. however the doc made it sound like my #'s were low...obviously, but I have no idea how far along I would be, its been 4 weeks and 4 days since D&C?! could this really be another pg? that soon!?? freakin gout!



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