Could I Be Pregnant When Can I Test

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ginamarie - May 18

I miscarried on the 19th of April. The last week I've been experiencing pregnancy symptoms and had some light spotting last week. Is there a chance I could have become pregnant so soon? And if I am, when can I test at home to find out. I have no clue when that would work best.


tf - May 18

I also miscarried on the 19 of April. I had spotting last week and am waiting to test. any tests for me though usually won't show a + until 8-10 weeks. Thankfully I have a Dr. appointment on the 30th. My chart on FF says to test in 4 days. For most women a + would show a few days after Implantation. Hope this helps. "sticky baby dust"


ginamarie - May 19

thanks. i'll try testing in a week and hope it lets me know. last time was my first pregnancy and the at home test read positive at 4 weeks so it shoudl work. good luck!


oregano - May 19

Hello Ginamarie, You can test I guess, but I wanted to caution you about the possibility of not everything coming out entirely when you miscarry. And if there are still tissues left, you might get a positive pregnancy test result. I do not mean to discourage you, but I recommend you to go ahead and do the test now and if it is positive, talk to your doctor. I miscarried the last week of February, and I was under the impression that everything was fine. 4 weeks later I had very little light brownish spotting and I talked to the doctor about it. She thought I was going to get AF and told me to come back for sonogram in a week if I do not get it. Well, AF did not come and, they found out that five weeks after the miscarriage I still had some tissue left. It was really frustrating at that moment to start everything all over again. I do not mean to scare you, but I really wished somebody had told me right after the mc to get checked to see if miscarriage was complete. Good luck.


ksmom - May 20

I had a m/c on the 19th also, the it was natural and i went for an u/s 2 weeks later to find out if all was cleared up (it was all out so i didnt need a d&C), then i took a hpt to see if it would read positive again and it was negative. So then the doctor told me that i could get af between 16-31 of may. well i havent got af yet, ive had 2 neg hpts and i dont have to see a doc till june 20 unless something comes up. I was told to wait till close to the 30th to test again just so that the answer would be a for sure. i would make sure all tissue is out, then test a week later, but thats my own opinion.....sorry for the book :S i get out of control sometimes, cuz i dont have anyone to talk to here in SK. Thanks for reading (not sure if it even answered your Q SORRY)


beckylol1 - May 24

Hi Ginamarie. I miscarried on the 25 of April. I have had no A/F and my pregnancy symptons have returned. I have children already so know the signs. Fingers crossed I/we will get the BFP. Will test on Friday.



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