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Daynarella - March 16

Hey all: I was wondering if any of you have had experience with your male partner having "bad" sperm which had contributed to your mc's? I've had 3 mc's in a row, I'm 31, and have no children. My husband is 37 and I DOUBT anything is wrong with his sperm but what if? We've had the karyotyping test and all is fine. What are the odds of it being HIM (his sperm)! And what are the odds of my eggs being of poor quality? Both of us are healthy and thin...I just feel like I need to cover all my bases but don't want to have this test done if it's likely not the case...


bbonita - March 16

I would have it done, just to ease your mind and situation. My friend has been unable to have a child for the past three years they have been trying. She does have a small cyst and pain sometimes but the doctor is going to focus on her husbands sperm right now before he puts her through any more tests because he can not find anything wrong with her so far except for a cyst that he says is normal. I would test his sperm before putting yourself through anymore tests.


stefkay - March 17

I think when you are having issues with m/c you should definitely have a SA done (s____n a___lysis) isn't really expensive (the karyotyping is-i know because we had it done also). Most doctors will say that the man's sperm has nothing to do with miscarriage but I seemed to read otherwise in my research. I had the same exact fears as you do when I kept losing my pregnancies!!! I was so so so utterly frustrated and desperate. Actually when my boyfriend had his SA done it came back not so hot. He was kind of borderline and had more abnormal sperm than he should have. I figured it would be like that b/c he IS overweight and he smokes. He eats horribly too. I was worried about my eggs as well and had an FSH test which doesn't tell you everything but it showed normal for me so I had to just hope that my quality of eggs was ok since my quant_ty was ok. That was a leap of faith because I know I had a very unhealthy past (I partied a LOT in my 20s). Anyways, I put him on a men's multivitamin and 1000mg extra of vitamin C a day as I read that is about all you can do for sperm. A s____n a___lysis can let you know if there are MAJOR problems too like no sperm (I've seen it happen on these boards and it was fixed), etc. More often than not, abnormal sperm will not fertilize the egg so most likely you are ok. I just do believe that sometimes maybe one gets through and that leads to chromosomal problems, etc. So in all of that I still ended up getting my daughter who couldn't be more perfect. I still tease my other half that he better get in shape if we are to try for a second because I still think it helps if their sperm are up and healthy. Good luck on it!!!



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