Could This Have Caused Harm Anxious Pregnant After Loss

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Mizzy - January 11

I have a question - I have miscarried before by the way. I found out I am pregnant (4 weeks) and the other day I had a little itch inside my va___a. I used a little square of toilet paper to itch it- not too far in really. Now I am worried incase that would do any harm. I told my dh and he said not far enough in to harm anything inside at all, the only problem would be it gives you more risk of infection from transferring possible bacteria inside. I will be asking a doctor but won’t be able to see one for a few days so thought I’d ask here to see if anyone has any thoughts for me? Also I took a paracetamol the other day before I realised I was pregnant would that cause any harm? Sorry I am nervous becaude of miscarrying last time I hope no one minds me asking this.


Carla - January 11

I don't think it would have caused any harm Mizzy your pregnancy is inside your uterus and itching just inside your v____a will no way reach far enough to harm anything-after all think of internal scans that they do during preganancies the wand in those must go further than you did. Try not to worry though I know that is impossible after having a miscarriage before. Also paracetomol as far as I know is safe during pregnancy as long as not very often-I think that is what they recommend for pain relief during pregnancy? All the best and wishing you a healthy pregnancy and calm positive vibes!


Patreasa - January 11

Hi Mizzy. no need to worry, no harm in asking. Try not to worry about anything. If you feel you may have caused any hardn call your doctor and explain to him/her what hapened and maybe they can give you a test to see if you have an infection. I don't want to scare you with my story, so I'm not going to tell it, but just please tell your doctor if you feel you have an infection due to bacteria.


Mizzy - January 12

Thank you both for answering me-I don't have any symptoms of infection but will mention to the doctor to be safe. Thank you. It's so scary and hard not to a___lyse every little thing you do/feel!



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