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CodyKatie5 - January 1

I posted this in the c-section forum, but that one can be kind of slow goin. Ok, so this may be a lengthy question, but here goes. I had a c-section in August to deliver my daughter, who was stillborn at 40 weeks due to a cord accident. My pregnancy was completely normal and uncomplicated, but I was scheduled for a c-section because she was breech. Medically speaking, I recovered wonderfully from the c-section. No horrible lingering pains, bleeding, normal periods, etc. My dream has been to be a mom, and DH and I have been waiting to TTC again because we just need a little time. Anyways, at first I didn't really care about having to undergo another c-section for my next pregnancy, but I am realizing that, as crazy as this sounds, in addition to the obvious, I kind of mourn over the fact that I did not get to experience labor like other women do. I have read and heard VBAC success stories, and I am now seriously considering holding off TTC if it means that I can attempt a VBAC. I will definitely consult my doctor (I moved to a new state so I need to find a new one), but I just wanted some advice from other women. I am only 23 years old (DH is 25) and I would like 3 or 4 children, and I don't know if it is possible to have that many c-sections. Also, my daughter was only 6 lbs 3 oz, so I don't think I would deliver a huge baby next time (who knows though). Anyone had a successful VBAC or know how long I should wait to TTC? I know that a doc is the only one who could really give me the ok and of course, if the baby shows any sign of distress, I will want them to wheel me into the OR. Just looking for some responses as this has been something I've been thinking about. Now that I have gotten through the holidays, I feel like I am making progress in the grieving process. I know all you ladies understand that one child can not replace another, but I am struggling with wanting another child soon, meaning that I wouild have to have another c-section, or being patient and waiting a few months longer (if that's the case) to see if I could attempt a VBAC. Any advice?


sweet-jasmin - January 8

omg you poor darling i feel so much for you,my god reading this made me cry god give u strength time is a healer .You will go on to have more babies loads i hope i lost my son at 24 weeks and have never forgotten him then went on few yrs later to have my daughter who is 6 now.I hope u have got a lot of support and lots of people to talk to after what u have been through,Nxt time in your pregnancy they shoud monitor you right thru and it is normal 2 have many c sections my friend had 3.I had one with my daughter.And you try for a baby whenever you feel right and i wish u all the luck and god b with u take care xx



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