Cycle Ofter Miscarriage

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tf - May 12

Hi all, I know that after m/c you get first af about 4 to 6 weeks later. I had a natural mc april 19 and now (24 days later) I am bleeding again not heavy but more than spotting,, usually my cycle is around 30 days so I am not sure what is going on. Can having a miscarriage alter your cycle that much?


tf - May 12

Now it has slowed down to just spotting, only there when I wipe.


oregano - May 17

Hey, As far as I heard from the doctors, yes. Also I had mine exactly 28 days later, and I used to have a 30 day cycle. The doctor had told me some women have their first af as early as two weeks after mc. I would not worry too much


suzzieq - May 18

Hi TF! Did you figure out what was going on? As I read this I wondered if you had your levels checked to make sure they were lowering. I only ask because the first bleed I had, I thought was af, it wasn't. I had my levels checked and they were still not negative, so my bleeding, though weeks later, was residual bleeding not af. Just thought I would share my experience a little to see if it was of any help. Best wishes for you and sorry for your loss.


hayleyc - May 18

Hi, Really sorry to hear about your loss I know how hard it is to go to the bathroom a be comstantly reminded of whats happened, its hard.I missed carried in feb and my cycle stayed exactly the same. I was having a 28 day cycle while taking the pill. Stopped taking that to start trying and fell immediately, I then experienced slight cramps around about 5 weeks but pregnancy carried on then started to bleed another 28 days later, it seems that when I cramped that may have been the time i would have a cycle then when I missed carreid the next. I bleed for 10 days after then had my next period at exactly 28 days from the first day of the bleed. I have remained regular had one more period and am now pregnant, 5 1/2 weeks. I still test + for a week after finishing bleeding but my cycle remained exactly the same. I thinks its down to the individual really. Good luck if the plan is to try again I will be thinking of


HeatherP - May 18

Yes, that is perfectly normal. I have had two miscarriages. The first one it took me 6 weeks to have AF but the 2nd one was only 25 days later.


tf - May 18

Hi, thanks for the responses. Not sure yet what is going on. My levels dropped really quick when I miscarried, the day after they were down to 4-so that wouldn't be the problem. After posting this thread, the bleeding stopped and turned to spotting-very light pink and then turned brown-so I am hoping that it may have been implantaion stopping. (Dr. said it was safe to try right away again). I don't usually test positive until at least 8 to 10 weeks ( or later)-so I am still waiting.


tf - May 18

forgot to add, have an appointment with Dr. on the 30th.


hayleyc - May 19

Hiya, Hope it all goes well with the doc... GOOD LUCK!!! xxx


suzzieq - May 19

TF, thats good your levels went down so fast. So did this bleeding last only throughout the day? Good luck with your doc apt.!!


tf - May 19

the bleeding didn't even last a full day -not getting my hopes up yet though.


suzzieq - May 19

Tf, Very best luck to you!! Keep us updated after the doc apt =:)


Chas - May 30

Any news tf ????


Cindy Johnson - May 31

I had a m/c in April and it has been 39 days and I should have started af Sun. and nothing yet. I am wondering if this is normal? Shouldn't I have started by now? My cycles were long like 34-36 days, but Sun. was 36 and no af yet. Please tell me what you all think. Thanks!!


tf - June 7

Hi, sorry it took so long to answer, I move and didn't have access to computer until now, When I had my appointment, the Dr. said that my uterus was down to it's normal size and gave me pills to take if I didn't get af within a week. I got af on sat, day 47 of cycle, I have never had a cycle that long, so I guess a miscarriage can really screw up your cycle for the first one anyway. so now I am on day 5 and gonna be trying again.


Cindy Johnson - June 7

tf- I finally got af too. It as cd 40 and that was 4 days later than usual. It was a pretty rough period too. But now it is over and we are going to be trying too. I am also going to be starting to try to lose some weight too. I think it is safe to do both as long as you are just eating better and not starving yourself or anything. I have got to cut down on the sweets. It is my comfort food. :) Well we are off to take my niece to see Over The Hedge at the movies. She graduated Kindergarten this year and we are celebrating. I will check in later. :) -Cindy



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