Cycles After Miscarriage Different

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lulu - March 10

After I had a m/c December 04, my periods have been shorter and lighter. Also, I feel like I have preg. signs (way too early) each month after I ovulate. So, far, am not pregnant. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Stacey - March 11

I am only having my first period since m/c on Jan 28th, but so far- it's way different. I started 3 days ago- heavy and watery, and today out of nowhere- nothing for a bit, and now hrs later- here again. BUT< as far as feeling pergnant around ovulation- def. had that. Every 5 minutes I was saying I feel this, check my b___bs for veins, I think I am pg. Very frustrating isn't it!!


lulu - March 13

Stacey: Thanks for taking the time to respond. It is very frustrating. I am afraid that I am not ovulating? My periods are much shorter than usual (last two) this one was only 2 days of "real" bleeding, I am usually 5.


Petra - March 13

I have read that it could take three normal periodes before your body is back to normal again. But that is probably when you're a little further along in your pregnancy. My dr told me to wait one cylce before trying again. But I was only 8/9 weeks along.


lulu - March 13

I was only 6 week along when I had m/c, so it was quite early. My doctor also said to wait just one cycle. I will check with her this week and ask her what she thinks. I can post if there is any good information out of the conversation. . .


stacey - March 13

If you are wondering if you ovulate, I would recommend starting to take your temp.(bbt) is a great site to help you start. By taking your temp you get to know your cycle and can tell that you ovulate when your temp goes up. it's actually really cool and (as weird as it sounds) I get excited to see what my temp will be each morning. Keep us posted!


lulu - March 13

Stacey: I think I will. What have you heard of opks? I have only been going by calendar and cm. Thanks again, and hope you are feeling well.


lulu - March 14

The doctor said that as long as my periods are coming when they are normally due (28-30 days for me) and that there is some bleeding, then I should not worry. If the period seems too short or light, I should take an hpt (that is not a problem for me : ) ). She said I should call if I stop having them or they are just spotty. Also said that it can take awhile for body to adjust after m/c.


stacey - March 14

I have heard opk's don't work, but am trying one myself this month along with that site- measures it all, temp, cervix, and cm.



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