Cysts After Mc

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AllyT - March 4

I have recently had a missed mc. Found out at my 12 week scan that there was no hb. Had lost baby at 10 wks. During the ultrasound they also found a 9cm by 6cm cyst, which seems quite big to me. My way of dealing with my loss was to try again and try to get back the feeling I had whilst preg. I was advised to wait and see if the cyst disappeared on it's own before trying. Was told this can take up to 6 months and then it might take a while to get preg. Just worried it's going to be so long before I can even think about having a baby. Really frustrated and finding it difficult to come to terms with loss because can't even consider getting preg. Has anyone else experienced anything simialar? At the mo all doom and gloom. Can't seem to see any good.


Bumblebee - March 4

Ally - Sorry to hear that. Have you asked your doc about myomectomy to remove the cyst? I saw some other threads with success stories with the procedure. I also read the some cases the cysts came back , smaller but some came back. I hope this is a viable option for you, to help you get started sooner. 6 months is a long time to wait and then the time to ttc! I understand your frustration. Big HUGS to you. Please look into that and also see if they can do additional testing on you... to check immune, clotting factors, etc. After my 2nd mc, I am having a multiple mc workup which is a lot of tests to look into several factors that can affect a pg. So, hope your doc can order that for you, in addition to testing what caused this mc. Keep looking into these with your doc - it helps to stay a bit distracted and it helps to keep gathering info for your next try. I hope it goes well.


julie2007 - March 4

ALLY - so sorry for your loss. i'd say talk to your doc about the myectomy. that seems like a sizeable cyst. sometimes they can go away by themselves - but they do take a while - and sometimes you can take birth control for them, to speed up the shrinking - i think the myectomy would speed up the process and get you back to TTC sooner rather than later. i had a med sized cyst after taking clomid - and it took almost 3 months to go away and they didn't want me to TTC during that time. . . . were you on any fertility meds? they can cause cysts. -- i wish you luck in which ever way you decide to go.


AllyT - March 5

Dr seems to think cyst will go on it's own and that it was brought on by pg hormone. Won't remove because doesn't want to do unnecessary surgery. Just going to scan me in six weeks time to see if it is going down. unfortunately they won't look into reason of mc until you have 3 consecutive mcs. This was first pg and I wasn't on any medication. I have two friends who had two consecutive mcs. You'll be pleased to know both went on to quickly have two children.



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