D Amp C 18 Jan Pregnant Again Two Weeks Later

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dukele - February 7

Hello ladies. You might have seen my posts earlier in the month when I experienced my MC. Please do not pass judgement on me for my question. I think that I am preg again only after two weeks after my D&C. I feel like I ovulated a little less than two weeks after the D&C. My husband and I were intimate at that time. I took an early HPT at that time to confirm that HCG levels had gone back to normal. It is too early to test but I am very intune with my body and I "feel" like I concieved. Shortly after conception last time I just "felt" different--the way I feel now. I know that the liklihood of a second m/c is higher should you become preg without waiting for regular cycles to resume. If I am correct, I am 6 days from conception so I should be able to test here in another week. Does anyone have any info for me?


sososleepy - February 7

Hi dukele, nope, I don't have an answer, though do have thoughts. I'm sorry I met you this way and glad to meet you. I had my mc Jan 28 and dnc Jan 29 while still bleeding a lot. Doc appt. is Feb 12 but I'm thinking that if my body saw mc as day 1 then day 14 would be the day BEFORE the appointment and he said absolutely no u know until appt. so I'm beyond frustrated and seriously considering ignoring the no u know order (he says there's a risk of infection, I'm thinking thorough shower with good antibacterial soap first for us both, what do you think?, sounds like you didn't wait 2 weeks?) because I don't want af, I do want to be pg again, and I don't want to miss the chance if I ovulate which he says I won't, but I think I will or at least could. I'm currently plotting am temps and checking cm, neither of which I did with any seriousness trying to get pg this past failed pg. For you, what I'm thinking is, if you bled with the mc your body could easily have ovulated around 2 weeks after it started (depending on how long your cycle is). Did you chart bbt or observe cm? Either or both would give you a good clue of whether you ovulated. Thanks for the idea, I might take a hpg soon too to see where my hgc is now so I know if we try fast.


stefkay - February 7

Hi! I don't see my doctor till the 23rd when hopefully i'll get some answers. I wasn't told I WOULDN'T ovulate though after m/c. sososleepy, did your doc tell you when you might? I'm temping, but not checking cm b/c I just stopped spotting. temps are low, like pre-o temps, so I am really excited to see IF I do ovulate. I'll let you guys know if so because I've been temping since the day I m/c. I read somewhere that temps could be erratic after m/c, but mine have been pretty steadily low....my chart is home/stefkay if you want to see. Keep me posted on what happens with you guys!



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