D Amp C Epidural Or Full Anestheic

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cubbie - February 11

Hi, I have to have a D&C - no hb at 15 weeks, I'm going to do this privately and am scheduled for Wed. I just spoke to the doctor who said I'll be having a full anesthetic, is that usual? Last time I had a D&C it was with epidural, but the situation was different I had no hb at 21 weeks and had to go through labor and then get the D&C straight after the fetus came out. I decided to go privately so that I would be able to do it very locally and go in and come home on the same day.


cubbie - February 11

sorry pressed submit by mistake - I have to kids at home 3 and 1 so I really don't want to waste time staying in the hospital waiting around until they get their act together - last time I was there for 3 days before they even did anything! But now I'm worried if it's usual to do a D&C with full anesthetic


Tory1980 - February 11

I had a D&C at 14w4d and it was under general anaesthetic and this is the normal here (in Norther Ireland). I was out a few hours after the procedure. The reason they probably left you last time was to see if your body would go into labour on it's own and you were too far into the pregnancy for any other option other than to go through a labour and delivery as this was the safest thing medically. I am sorry that you have lost your little ones and having children at home does make things a little more difficult.


tdo - February 11

Hi Cubbie, I'm sorry you're going through this stressful time. It's not easy, but you're not alone. I had a scheduled D&C on Friday the 8th. I did have general anesthetic. I was under for only about 10 min or so- well thats what they told me. I was released an hour after the procedure. I asked for some tylenol when I woke up and continued to take it every 2-3 hours for the first day. I haven't experienced any pain, only menstrual like cramps that subside with tylenol. The procedure was physically much easier than I expected. Emotionally, I"m still recovering;-) Keep us updated. We're thinking of you!


CaliTrish - February 12

They likely gave you the epidural because of the labor. Full anesthesia is common for an early miscarriage D&C, though. However, you can get lesser forms of sedation if you want. I had an IV sedation at 11 weeks that made me so groggy that I didn't feel the procedure at all. The whole experience took 3 hours, the procedure maybe 10 minutes. They can also give you valium and a local anesthetic if you don't want to go under. Definitely ask your doc what other options you have if you don't want the general.


cynnababy - February 12

Full anesthesia is common for an early miscarriage D&C. I had that when i had my D&C when i lost my baby at 10 weeks. I went in the hospital in the morning at 8am, and i was out by noon. The actual procedure only took about 20 minutes. It's not hard on the body physically, but emotionally, it's another case.



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