D Amp C And No Period After 7 Wks

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Jo - October 24

I had a D&C at 9wks due to a blighted ovum. I bled for 7 days after the D&C, but that was 7 weeks ago and I haven't menstruated yet. I have a history of irregular periods, but am worried that the D&C has something to do with it Anybody have any advice?


KimD3 - October 24

HI Jo My D&C was July22 and I bled for about 5days after and my period didn't come till Sept 4th. It is differnent in everyone. Sorry for your loss and take care. Kim


Val - October 24

hi Jo... I'm sorry about your loss. From what I've read, the first period after a d&c often is delayed. I had a d&c for miscarriage on Aug 3rd and didn't get my period until Sept. 20 - about 7 weeks. Those were the longest 7 weeks though... I was really stressed by the time my period showed up. Hang in there and call you doctor if you are really concerned.


Lala - October 24

I had a D&C done Oct 20th at 11weeks 4 days, however baby stopped developing when I was 6weeks 6days - all along I thought all was well but didn't feel prego. I went to the docs on 17th for discharge and I was told I had a yeast infection w/o the regular yeast symptoms was treated and sent home. They didn't check the heart rate or anything, the next day I was spotting and I called and they said it was b/c of my v____al exam...yeah right! Wednesday morning I spotted again went in for an ultrasound and my worst nightmare became reality. 5 weeks went by and no sign of a miscarriage. I had the D&C done and I'm so worried b/c I've been cramping like crazy and I fear that it will take super long to conceive again. I just found this site and I feel like I can write a book. So, should I expect a delayed period? Thanks for sharing your story and so sorry for your loss - I feel your pain, I trully do.


Neets - October 28

I started m/c on 23 Aug, I had a D&C on 16 Sept and got my period on 23 Oct. So it took 37 days to arrive. Your first period afterwards is usually a longer cycle, and I can tell you that the wait seems to be eternal and very frustrating. But remember, try not to stress too much, as this can also delay its appearance!! Good luck to you. I hoping to conceive roundabout 5 Nov when I hopefully OV again – fingers crossed. x


lola - October 28

I had a D&C in June and still haven't had a period. I'm now very upset and concerned because the dr keeps injecting me with progesterone and all I get are cramps...anybody else? I'm worried that they scarred me or something during the D&C...looking for any advice I can get. I am going to get a sonohystogram in a couple weeks but the waiting is driving me nuts


Neets - October 31

Dear Lola I'm really sorry to hear about the exceptionally long wait you've had. Were you always regular? I don't intend to insult your intelligence, but it's certain you're not pregnant? If you're not, it must be a very tortuous time you're going through. Thinking of you.


lola - November 10

well...sonohystogram showed a normal uterus which was a huge relief. I'd convinced myself of scarring after the last D&C. I'm now back on BC pills to regulate my pd...hoping it will arrive in 3 wks!


BernieB - November 10

Dear Jo, I started my period yesterday - it took 8 weeks to arrive after a D & C (blighted ovum also). I felt EXACTLY the same as you did -extremely worried about the D & C and if it was why my period was delayed. Fortunately my doctor advised to wait until 8 weeks and if AF had not arrived, we would have looked at what could be the cause. I have always had a regular 28 day cycle, so it is scary not knowing what is happening to your body. I hope it arrives soon, if not please see a professional and get checked out. Good luck!


Tara - November 14

lola, Thats great news that your uterus looks good. I went through the same thing as you in June 2005 and now pregnant again 17 weeks today. I had a uterus infection after D&C and was scared of scarring. My period didnt come for awhile so doctor wanted to check my uterus for scarring and thankgod everything looked good. It took over 6 weeks for first period to come and I think it was because we went on vacation and I actually wasent stressing about it anymore. That was my last period and then I became pregnant. Im praying you will get it soon and it will be such a relief! Best wishes and prayers for all you ladies!


Jacqueilne - November 18

I have a daughter of 4 and have had two miscarriages in 2 years, the most recent being in Oct. Actually it was also a blighted ovum. I haven't had a period yet but have been having unprotected s_x! I am hoping I am pregnant again but the reality is it can take weeks for a period to come and the body to get back to normal. The first m/c I think it was about 10 weeks before I got a period. Try not to worry too much. Take care.


Candy - November 30

I had a mc due to a blighted ovum (the doctor did the pathology report after my D &C and i lost the baby due to the fact that my body wasn't ready, there was no complications) any way that was Oct 7th it's now Nov 30th and no perido, I don't know what's going on. I'm pretty worried though.I've been pretty nausea today(I called out of work), we had unprotected s_x once & that was on Nov 4th...I hope I'm not pg again because the doctor told me to wait at least 2 cycles ( those d__n hormones can get in the way during s_x).... I took a hpt today and there was a faint line . I made an appointment with the clinic to take a pg test this Saturday.... my doctor and I have a great relationship, I know if I'm pg he 's going to say I don't listen.... we'll see how things go


K - December 9

I had a D&C AUG 22. I had missed m/c.....didnt develop beyond 8 weeks but i only found out at 12 week scan as had no signs of m/c. My period didnt arrive until 10 long weeks post D&C. Dr did hcg test and it took about 6 weeks post d&c for levels to come down.. Now have period again after 6 weeks. i guess it takes the body a while to get back to normal after such a shock!!!! Am hanging out for regular periods to start as we are trying again!!!


Emma - December 29

Hello, Just to put your mind at ease, i had a d&c october last year and i waited 12 weeks for my period, then i only had one period and found out i was pregnant with my little boy that was born in october this year, so you will have a period eventually, it just could take a little longer. hope that helps. xx


mrs.sgraham - January 7

Hi guys I have a question. I lost my baby at 8 weeks and had a DNC in aug, I blead a tiny bit and STILL have no period. Its been almost 8 weeks. Trying not to panick my doc says not to. Is this normal? I was given the green light to try again in Feb but now I'm wondering if I should push this back even more due to no period?? Do you even ovulate with no period??


Teddyfinch - January 8

no, if you ovulate and don't get pregnant, you would have a period. i didn't have my period and my doctor gave me progesterone to make me bleed for the 3 months they told me to wait. i really wouldn't worry if i were you. just let them know you'd like your period to start so you can let your body build up lining and then get rid of it a few times before you start trying again. the reason they want you to wait a few cycles is to make sure the lining is growing back thick enough to support a pregnancy.


sarah kennedy - January 28

Hi Sorry to all of your losses, I experienced my first miscarriage in september I was 20 weeks, I lost the baby due to lack of fluid, I then waited one cycle got pregnant and just found out last tuesday that my baby stopped growing at 7 weeks I should have been 11, its horrible, I am blessed with three children, 8,6 and nearly 5 but Ive longed just for one more !, Im now devasted and wondering where to go from here twice in a row, I think maybe I should wait a few cycles to let me body recover, has anyone been through anything like this before I need so many answers My prays go out to all of you its such a hard thing to experience.



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