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jheideschmitz - February 18

I just came from the doctor today. I am 10 weeks one day and they couldn't find a fetal heartbeat. So the doctor told me I could wait for spotting and bleeding or I could have a d&c. It looks like it stopped growing at 6 weeks. I am wondering about insurance costs...i think I have 80/20 on surgery. I think I am opting for the d&c because I haven't had ANY spotting throughout the whole pregnancy. I am really nervous though as I have never had surgery and I don't want them to ruin any of my insides. I go to a small hospital/ clinic. Can anyone help me out with the costs and the experience? Thanks.


BeckyBunny - February 18

There's a very small chance of scarring if the doctor sc___pes too much. Can't tell ya about costs, my insurance covered it completely. God, that would be horrible, to actually pay out of pocket to have someone remove your baby. I'm going to a__sume you had an ultrasound since if you didn't it would be difficult to estimate when the baby stopped growing. I personally would wait a week or two, see if you get any spotting, get another u/s (preferably a second opinion), and if you just don't start bleeding at all and the baby is definitely not growing...then go for the D&C. But that's just me. After my D&C I did have a problem where my uterus was not "draining" properly I guess, it would just fill up with blood and clot, I had to go on a medication to make it stop. =/ I have not talked to anyone else that happened to though.


ChattyKathy - February 18

It is surgery, so it does come with a bit of a price tag to it. Medication, the operating room, anethstesia, etc. I don't remember how much of mine was covered. But the surgery itself wasn't bad. I had never had surgery either. I was wheeled into the operating room and put under with an IV. It stuck a little, but I was out within a few seconds. I woke up in the recovery area and sat there for a little bit before being wheeled back to my room. I didn't feel any pain. I did bleed a bit more than expected (I'll tell you this because it was pretty scary for me.... They make you pee before they allow you to be released. You aren't watched or anything, they help you to the bathroom and you go by yourself. Well, when I sat on the toilet the blood came out of me like water. It scared the c___p out of me! But apparently its normal from using your abdominal muscles). When I laid back down I could still feel it come out whenever I moved around, but by the time I was released it had started to slow. I bled heavily for a few days. I bled total for two weeks and then spotted a week after that, but I've heard some women say they only bleed for four days and thats it. I've had absolutely no scarring, no complications. I felt back to normal two weeks after the surgery. Just give yourself time to rest because if you push yourself too hard to do normal activities you'll cramp and bleed more. But really, it wasn't horrible. I know its scary, but just rest for a few days, and you'll be fine.


Bryandi - February 18

Hello, my insurance is also 80/20 (they pay 80 I pay 20) i think the total bill for me to pay was around 250-260. If you have already come close to your deductible or have already used it up, it should be covered (except maybe coinsurance?) NE way. I had bleeding for 3 or 4 days, but was mostly just spotting. Just enough so I had to wear a pad (could have gotten away with just a panty liner, but was afraid a lot of bleeding was to come as it was my first D&C and doc said I could have a lot of bleeding) I felt fine after the surgery a little achey for the rest of that day but that was it. Good luck


Bumblebee - February 19

Jheide - I am in the similar boat with this my 2nd missed mc.. Was told at 7 weeks that in u/s only see the sac, but no fetus. I was given d&c option. But from everyone I have spoken to so far, and the doc - they recommend waiting couple weeks to see if it will naturally mc. Last Sep I had my first natural mc after having waited 4 weeks after we found out no heartbeat at 7 weeks. It was really difficult - bled horribly for a day with bad cramps, rushed to ER for fainting (don't worry, not common), and 2nd day on was like a reg. period for a week or so. I would like to do a natural mc cuz I feel I trust my body. Also heard that this allows good rebuilding of uterus lining (don't know how true). But I would like to go without d&c for now if I can stand it. Sorry don't know about insurance stuff and cost. If you plan to do a natural, let me know, so we can stay in touch thru it.


CaliTrish - February 19

So sorry to hear about your loss. I can't speak for the cost as I paid a flat $100 surgical copay for my D&C. As for the experience, I opted for a D&C at 11 weeks after waiting 4 weeks for it to occur naturally. At 7 weeks, the doc couldn't find a heartbeat and the embryo was measuring several weeks behind. I had my hcg levels tested which had leveled off around 37,000. I had it tested again 3 weeks later before scheduling the D&C, and it had dropped to 4000. I actually started spotting a few days before the D&C, but I decided to just go ahead with the D&C to make sure everything was removed. The procedure itself was quick and painless, only 10-15 minutes. I opted for IV sedation which made me groggy enough that I didn't feel a thing nor remember the actually procedure. Unfortunately, I do remember the IV and prep - took 3 stabs to get the IV in and the prep-nurses were pretty rough wiping me down. Next thing I know, they're willing me to the recovery area. Waited maybe a 30-45 minutes before getting dressed and going home. With the IV sedation, someone needs to drive you. The whole ordeal took 3 hours. I spotted for about 10 days afterwards. No cramps, but then I don't get menstrual cramps either. AF arrived 32 days later. Waiting for nature or getting a D&C is a very personal choice. I opted to wait because I wasn't comfortable rushing into something so permanent plus it was over the holidays. After a few weeks, I was tired of waiting - not knowing when it would happen, if it would be painful, if I would end up with a D&C anyway. I was ready to move on with my life, but I was relieved that nature kicked in there at the end before I actually had the procedure. Finally, a real sign that what the numbers and ultrasounds were saying was true. Oh, a little heads up, the embryo can continue growing even if it isn't viable. That was a little unexpected news at my pre-op u/s. Eventually, it would have stopped growing when there was no beating heart to sustain it, but it was a little disconcerting to learn. You've got to remember that early on, it's just a bunch of cells dividing. Anyway, you've got to do what you're comfortable with. Good luck with your decision.


kjb - February 21

Sorry to hear about your situation-I am on a state funded medicade program, and I am in a very similar situation as you and am looking for some input from others. I went to have a second u/s yesterday, and I am a little over 10 weeks per my lmp. My first u/s last week showed a yolk sac that measured only at around 6 weeks. I knew something was not right and the u/s and hcg tests yesterday confirmed this. I had a natural mc last year (almost one year ago exactly) and now am left with 3 options- to wait and see if I will mc naturally, use some meds that may promote mc, or do a d&c. My dr's away on vacation, but the dr I spoke to said that one advantage to a d&c was that they can test the tissues and MAY be able to get some info as to why this is my second mc. I have a healthy 21/2 yo girl, and had no complications with that preg, but dr said that there may be no conclusive results and or reasons found when tissue is tested.



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