D Amp C Vs Miscarry Naturally

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Ivan Tam - February 22

My wife and I just had a miscarriage, and are debating whether to do the D&C procedure or just let nature take its course. Although our doctor says a D&C is safe, we can't help but to wonder because a friend of ours had it done which caused complications in her subsequent pregnancy. Also, a doctor friend of ours also had a miscarriage and chose to do it naturally for the very same fear that it might cause problems in the future. So we were wondering if we can get some feedback from people who've gone through a D&C, and whether or not they had complications in their subsequent pregnancies because of the procedure. Thanks in advance!


chandellina - February 22

hi there, i'm sorry for your loss. i've been through both types of miscarriages and i would say the d&c emotionally and physically was easier. my first miscarriage was natural and i found it painful and scary because there is no control over what is happening. that said, if i were in this unfortunate situation again, i would actually go for a natural miscarriage because when i had the d&c they had to sc___pe down my uterine lining to quite a thin level and it took several months for it to thicken up again, meaning there was no chance of falling pregnant during that process. i think complications in subsequent pregnancies related to a d&c are very rare though, so i wouldn't worry too much about that if she opts for one. i have yet to get pregnant again but i have been a__sured by several drs that there should be absolutely no problems related to the d&c.


stefkay - February 22

Hi, I too have had both and the natural was scarier and more painful, but I'm glad I did it that way. I had 2 d&c's in the past and still worry that there may have been scarring because I haven't had a successful pregnancy yet. But, my dr. told me it was up to me this last time and the waiting was killing me so we talked it over and she said the the complications/scarring from a d&c is very rare, but the chance is still t here. I opted for the d&c to get it over with, but m/c naturally before the scheduled operation.


sfrog68 - February 22

Hi there, I too have had both. My 1st was with a d&c in Oct 05 and it took me almost a year to get pregnant again. Then in 9/06 I had another m/c but it happened naturally that time. I got pregnant again in 1/07 so it didn't take so long this time. I am now in my 8th week and so far so good. I am just crossing my fingers that it works out this time. I don't know if it had to do with the d&c but my doctor did tell me the other day the more you have the thinner your cervix gets and makes it harder to carry full term. The process does take longer with the natural m/c but I think if I had to go through it again (God forbid) I would have to say I would do it naturally. Wishing you the best.


sososleepy - February 22

Hi. Nature was well on its way to taking it’s course with me when I had my d&c. The doc did a fine job, nothing went wrong, I felt physically tons better after, tiny spotting, cramping went from ow! to all most none. That said, being put under completely freaks me out and I’ll go natural if it happens again. I didn’t want it, argued with the doc who said it was necessary but never really clearly explained why despite my bugging him. I was bleeding a lot, had been up all night, was exhausted and hurting and not in a great position to argue, particularly since my dh was there and he’s a doc is always right kinda guy. I’m only just past first O after mc, lots of ttc but no clue if it worked or not yet so I can’t answer the rest today. I hope you both do ok; sorry you’re here with us. Since you have the male perspective on all of this, could you glance at Jenny K’s ‘Any suggestions’ post to see if you have better suggestions? Oh, another thought pointed out to me by a friend in the health care field: A doc who performs the procedure frequently, and is thus more experienced, will most likely do a better job than one who only does it sometimes, so ask your doc how many he/she did in the past 12 months...


Kaz80 - February 22

hi, there , sorry for your loss. i'm in the process of a natural miscarraige i've now been bleeding for 3 days now with no pain at all , i too didn't fancy the idea of d&c. All is going well.


tracy72 - February 22

Here is my opinion.. I have had 2 miscarriages recently and the first one was a d and c and then the second one was natural. I decided to wait it out. If I hd to do it all over again with the natural I would have picked another D and C. Its much safer and you have peace of mind knowing they got everything out. Also, it helps you to concieve a lot easier. I feel when I had my natural miscarriage I had some left over that did not expel until three months later. I think in the end its a personal choice..Good luck to you


Ivan Tam - February 22

Thank you everyone for sharing and your support. "sososleepy," I will check out "Jenny K's" post.


Whisper - February 22

I haven't ever had a D&C, as I've only m/c once thus far (and hopefully won't again) and it was natural. Overall it really wasn't that bad. The worst part of it was seeing the baby pa__s, but in a way it also offered a form of closure as well. There was some pain involved, I was cramping for about 2-3 days, but only really bad for the first day, the 2 following days it tapered off to none, and all in all was nothing that some prescription motrin couldn't handle. I bled for about a week, heavy at first, then also tapering off to spotting lightly the last few days. My understanding is that the overall healing time is less with natural in most (but not all) cases because there isn't the sc___ping. If (god forbid) I had to go through another m/c I would choose to again do it naturally if at all possible. The only way I would opt for a D&C would be if it was absolutely necessary, and thats just because I'm not big on unnecessary surgical/medical procedures, and I'm not comfy with being put under. The choice however is a personal one, and should be whatever she feels most comfortable with. I am very sorry for your loss and that this decision is needing to be made, and wish your wife a speedy recovery and peace of mind for you both.


sososleepy - February 23

Thanks for posting over there, I saw your answer. How are you two holding up? Again, I think either way is ok so go with whatever makes you both more comfortable as they both have pro's and con's. It might help to jot those down together... pick one or the other as the heading, and fold the paper in half. Sort out the differences into the pro or con side and see what it looks like. Bleeding over fast/slow. Cramping over fast/slow. Risk of surgery. Sc___ping can remove fibroids, polyps (you'd have to search for other reasons it's done to check additional possible side benefits and I'm none too sure about those two). Being put under could be a pro or a con, it depends on how she feels about it. You get the idea.... Hope that helps; I like to lay things out and see them sometimes.


Cameron54 - March 15

I am on the same boat myself. I found out I was pregnant last Monday (3/5) but starting spotting lightly. After 2 blood tests last week, my HCG level fell from 201 to 173 and progesterone from 5.3 to 2.7. Since I am also spotting (brown & light), my dr said it doesn't look good. Did an u/s yesterday and found no sac, dr said it's a false pregnancy (whatever that means). Scheduled for a D&C at month end if m/s doesn't happen naturally. I am so scared right now.......


Shiner081 - March 15

Hi Ivan,personally I opted for a D&C for both of my miscarriages.Just knowing all tissue and stuff was removed made for the less possibility of infection.The other thing with a D&C is that there is no waiting unlike miscarrying naturally.With my D&c's they did not sc___pe me but did a suction so the uterine lining was not thinned out.I first miscarried in Oct/06 and got pregnant 2 months later after my 2nd period(empty sac).Unfortunantly I miscarried On Feb/07.The doctor just figures just some abnormalities like a week egg or sperm at conception and we could try again asp.WE try to conceive right after the bleeding stopped but 28 days after the D&C(March 23/07) I got my period in which was a good thing to get an estimated due date if we get preganant after this cycle so hopefully the middle of next month we will get a positive test result.Anyway what u decide is what u feel is best in your situation as with a D&C you know it is done then and there and then you are on your way to trying to heal and conceive quicker rather then waiting.Good luck!


ChattyKathy - March 15

I've had one natural m/c and ended up developing Post Traumatic Stress symptoms because of it. When it happened I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, but I also couldn't get out of bed. Every period afterwards reminded me of the miscarriage. I'd have flashbacks and become depressed. It was very hard on me. I guess mostly because I couldn't get to a hospital. I felt so helpless. It was a day spent in horror and tears instead of being able to accept what was happening. If I were to ever lose this baby, god forbid, I would opt for a D&C and probably try to not conceive again.


Beija Rene - March 15

Ivan - I have experienced two D&C out of three miscarriages and four pregnancies. My first pregnancy ended in a D&C on 2/2006 and my second pregnancy ended in a D&C on 6/2006. The advantage of having a D&C is that it is a clean loss. There is little bleeding and pain. Recovery is also quick. With a D&C you also can gather embryonic tissue and test it for chromosomal problems. Testing the embryonic tissue is a procedure that can she a lot of light regarding the miscarriage's causes. Unfortunately, some women after experiencing a natural miscarriage, do not shed all the product of conception and still have to go through a D&C anyway. After my second miscarriage on 6/2006, I experienced a third loss with a chemical pregnancy on 8/2006. Again on 11/2006, I got pregnant and today I am happy to say that I am 19 weeks. The current results, I owe them to my wonderful reproductive endocrinologist and the fact that I did not give up. Never give up.


Shiner081 - March 15

Beija,Srry to here all your recent losses and congrat. on your pregnancy.You give hope to us out there.You have the right att_tude to never give up.When I get pregnant next time ,hopefully at the end of this month ,that is when I should be ovulating I pray it will be to stick and give us a beautiful baby.I have had 2 miscarriages since Oct/06 and I want to beleive the third time will be our lucky charm.By the way,did you find out any reason why u miscarried before or were there any tests done?



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