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Lynette - February 4

Okay, here's a question I've been afraid to ask - I've noticed a lot of people on this forum seem to want to "avoid" a d&c, opting to wait it out. Is there something terrible about d&c's that I wasn't told before having one the other week? All I was told was that as the baby had died 2 weeks before (I found out at a 13wk ultrasound) they didn't know how long it would take to happen naturally and that because it was a little further along they recommeded a d&c. Is there something bad about having one that I didn't know about, or are people just wanting to avoid a surgical procedure? Also, what is the difference between a d&c and a d&e that I've read about here? So many questions! Thank you...


stacey - February 4

I had the D&E-that's where they vacuum the baby out (use this alot for abortions- I read on another site). A D&C is where the baby is sc___ped out. I'm not sure if there is a reason for choice besides preference. I habe heard that you can possibly start sooner with a natural miscarriage than with a surgical one...not sure if there's truth to it though. My dr. basically told me that if I went naturally I would probably end up in the emergency room anyway and could have hemmorhaging (sp?) from it. However, I know people who have done natural (and read about them here) w/o complications.


Betty - February 5

I had hormone drugs to tell my body to speed up the natural and it did but I didn't lose all of it. The loss itself was VERY painful and could have been traumatic, I found it strangely funny at the time, then really miserable afterwards. All foetal tissue came out but scan showed that a lot of blood was left and I ended up bleeding for 8 weeks which was really depressing then a REALLY heavy and painful period came at the end of that time. I was just too scared of the surgery. We've startted trying again for next baby, I've told myself if it happens again I must have a D&C, I can't go through all that bleeding and the uncertainty about whether it's all gone again. You can answer one of my questions: How long did oyu bleed for after D&C? In terms of whether you can start trying again sooner, my Dr told me there was no difference. Hope it all works out for you Lynette.


stacey - February 5

I spotted for a little less than a week with the D&E. One day was a bit heavier, but not heavy enough to use anything but a liner.I also think that was b/c I was up and around more that day. I hardly had any pain either.


lynette - February 5

Hi Betty. I had my d&c on 18 January, bled for 1 day, stopped for two, then had about a week of watery red bleeding (light) and am still (a week later!) pa__sing a tiny bit of old blood each day. As I've posted elsewhere, I don't think this is normal as just about everyone says they only bled for about 4 days (they tell you in hospital that you'll bleed for about a week). The d&c itself is not a painful procedure and I've had no pain or problems (except the residual bleeding) since, so I'd definitely recommend that over waiting it out like you did - it sounds like you went through so much! The only reason I posted this original question was that I've read on other entries things like "I really wanted to avoid a d&c" and "luckily I didn't have to have a d&c" and I didn't know whether people knew something I didn't about recovery, or fertility or other disadvantage. But I think it's just the ordeal of going into hospital that people are referring to. It is definitely nothing to be scared of, and looking back I think I started healing emotionally as soon as I woke up from the op. Your doc was right about conceiving after one - a friend of mine had a miscarriage and d&c, and didn't know it was recommended to wait for 1 cycle, and she found out at her 1 month check-up that she was pregnant again! Her little girl is 4 now, so good things do happen - GOOD LUCK! Please let us know how you go :-)


MULGAJILL - February 6

it takes awhile for your body to know the baby is not growing, and once YOU know i think it would be awful to wait for natural mc.... i didn't know with mine, had three mc, all natural and bloody and painful... so i think it is up to the individual circ_mstances. had two healthy babies in betweeen too, if that is any help. :-)


kate - February 6

Sometimes even miscarrying naturally leads to a D&C.Having the D&C allows your body to return to normal sooner than waiting it out.To Lynette...I too have been having traces of bleeding going on 3 weeks...not alot but enough to warrent wearing industrial underwear and a liner...I so miss my thongs!


stacey - February 6

here's a sight I found that might help to explain: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art21999.asp


stacey - February 6

Don't use the - after the asp and it should work.


lynette - February 6

Thanks so much, Stacey - that explained everything perfectly. And Kate, thank you for making me feel a bit more "normal" with my bleeding situation. Thankfully, it is so scant now that I'm no longer worried as such, but will mention it at my checkup. You made me laugh with your last sentence - I had to do some translating - you see, I'm in Australia and here "thongs" are what I think you call "flip flops" (thank goodness we get so many American shows here!) ;-)


stacey - February 6

Lynette- that's so funny about the translation thing :) Thanks, gave me a good laugh :)


kate - February 7

To Lynette...I was born in Britain..I know that thongs are flip-flops...in Canada now..if you say you're looking for thong style sandals in the shoe shop they look rather oddly at you!


lynette - February 7

Hee Hee! I can imagine!!! ;-)



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