D Amp C Vs Waiting After A Mc

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josita - June 1

I recently had a missed miscarriage diagnosed in early May. I chose to wait out the mc and had to wait about two weeks after the 2nd us that showed no fhb (the first had a low one at 80). The 'official' mc came last week. I have heard so many conflicting opinoins on whether to get a d&c or to let it go naturally. I just want to make sure that if someone does wait it out, how do we know if all of the 'contents' prior to mc were actually expelled? I have read heard of horrible stories both ways: getting a d&c and waiting it out naturally - it just seems like woman are in a uncertain situation after a mc whether we get a d&c or not. Any thoughts on this?


Jen01 - June 1

My dr. had me come in a week later and did an uls to check and see if it was all gone. I pa__sed a huge part the night before I went in. That was a week after the actual m/c! Everybody is different.


Erin15 - June 1

I agree with Jen01. Everyone is different in terms of the timing, and you will need an ultrasound to be sure you are through pa__sing tissue. I was set to have a D&C, but wound up mc'ing fully on my own. I woulndn't change it looking back - but everyone has their own preference. There is risk of infection either way, but the natural option limits that they say. Your body will know when it is ready to release, and if it isn't, you should definitely get to the doctor for some a__sistance. (Also, there is medication that speeds up the process as well - i'm not sure of the details on that though, but you may want to ask your dr about that.)


Mandy1984 - June 1

On medical grounds I would recommend a D&C, for the simple reason the risk of infection would be lower, On emotional grounds its up to the woman. Some women find it easier to have a natural m/carriage while others can't bare to prelong the 'agony'. I had a natural m.carriage at 18.5 weeks 1 year ago today but I had to have a D&C about an hour later because I was bleeding pretty heavy, Also a D&C is much less painful (physically) The physical pain of my m.carriage was 10 times worse than the pain of my labour with my daughter, Good luck with what ever you decide and Take care, I am sorry for your loss xxxx


SashaP - June 1

I had a D&C a week ago. I'm glad I did b/c I was pg with twins and it usually takes atleast 3w to pa__s they also told me with twins that 20-30% of the tissue is left behind. I was having no pain just heavy bleeding and the babies didn't seem to be coming out on their own. I also figured the quicker I healed physically then the quicker I would mentally. I have no regrets. I'm so sorry for everybody's losses.



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