D Amp E Question Please Answer

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Cynth - September 29

On monday 26th, I went for a u/s at 15 weeks and found that the baby was not alive. My ob/gyn said I needed a D&E to get the baby out. The insertion of the lamicel was plain slaughtering me alive at the surgeon's office. After a couple of hours, I had my D&E and came back home. My quesion to everyone who reads this - please tell me if this is lamicel was so painful? I need answers - please... I have cried and cried, it is heartbreaking, but the thought I was given lamicel without anasthesia is killing me more now......


Cyndi - September 29

that sounds horrible I dont think it should have happend that way go see another doctor. I am very sorry for your loss.


meg - September 29

I'm sorry, but I have never heard of that. I, too, had a D & E, but was not as far along as you were. Did you ask the dr why you were in so much pain? My guess is that it had to start the dilation of your cervix, which was probably uncomfortable b/c it is like contractions, but I am not a doctor. I hope that you start feeling better soon. Try to relax and let others pamper you in this tough time in your life. I know what your going trhough and if you ever want to talk, I am here. Take care.


Michelle - September 29

Cynth, Are you saying you had a D&E in the doctors office? I can't imagine such a thing. I have had two D&E's in the past year and scheduled to have another this coming Wednesday. Each time the surgery was scheduled at the local hospital and I was put to sleep for the entire process. It is painful enough to lose a pregnancy much less experience the pain of a D&E during the process. I would definently find another doctor that just doesn't sound right. I am sorry for the pain you went through but now just concentrate on getting healthy and let your body take its time recovering.


Cynth - September 30

Thank you so very much for your response. The surgeon said that to dilate it, they had to insert it 2 hours prior to the D&E. So he inserted it at his office. I have never been to a doc who never bothered when you cried. My ob/gyn said that she would not do it, for it is over 8 weeks and she suggested this 65 year old male surgeon. I plan to go to the ob later today to speak. More than the loss of the baby, the pain I went through is giving me nightmares. I cant even imagine having s_x/a baby in the future. I really was desperate to have a baby . I am so thankful to have your responses


Cynth - September 30

An advice to all women: Dont go to old male doctors/surgeons. I dont want anybody to go through what I went through...


Cynth - September 30

The D&E was done at the hospital.



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