D And C Changed Periods And Difficulty Getting Pregnant

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HOPE - April 17

I was just curious if other women have had their periods get much lighter after a d and c. My periods were normal until I had a d and c. The first time I had a d and c my periods would only last a couple of days and they were very light. After waiting three months ( the doctors advice) it took me an additional 5 months to get pregnant and I miscarried again with this past pregnancy. Unfortunately I needed another d and c and my periods are still very light. I am almost ready to start trying again but I am afraid that it will be difficult to conceive because of these really light periods. I am also afraid that if I do conceive, I might miscarry again. My doctor said it was just a coincidence that my periods changed, but has anyone else had a similar problem?


Sav - April 17

Sorry to hear of your losses. I miscarried naturally in Sept 05 and my periods have also been lighter as well. My obgyn didn't seem too concerned either. I had a miscarriage in 03 and can't remember what happened to my period after that except it was really irregular. Not sure if lighter is a norm at all but it certainly nice to hear someone else has has lighter cycles after miscarriage.


AshleyB - April 17

I'm actually the opposite. After my d&c I had 3 periods before getting pg again, but all of them were horrible heavy accompanied by very painful cramping. Hmm, I guess these things just effect everyone differently. Good luck, I wouldn't worry about not being able to get pg, you already know you can, and a light period is still a period. Good luck!


madison - April 17

HOPE, i've had 2 periods since my d&c and they seem to be the same, just a little more cramping but i'm glad my cycles are about 28-29 days again, which is what i was before. but i've been having other strange pains from around the time i O to the time af comes, which is completely new for me. anyone ever hear of these? feels like its my ovaries or something because it can be on both sides. they are not painful but pretty noticeable. i know how you feel about being afraid to conceive again. do you have any other children? i dont have any yet so i think that makes it even harder. like ashleyb said, though, at least we know we can get pregnant. how long did it take everyone to conceive after their d&c?


HOPE - April 17

I don't have any children. When we bought our house, we specifically picked a street with children everywhere because we knew that we wanted to have children. I still get really jealous when I see a pregnant woman or a mother holding her child. There are times when I can't stop thinking about the baby that I should be caring for right now instead of worrying about all of this stuff. I am sorry that so many other women have to suffer like me. It has been two and one half months since my second d and c and this site is really helping me. Everyone is so supportive.


Erin15 - April 17

Madison - I have just had my first period since having a natural miscarriage in March. For me, the reason I noticed the little twinges of pain prior to getting my period, is most likely because I'm paying particular attention to everything that relates to my body (specifically my reproductive system) now. Before I would just go with the flow - probably wouldn't even relate the pain to ovulation, but now that I know what it is, I can identify it more readily. My flow was lighter - and here's hoping that i'll have luck conceiving soon. Hope - I moved too - same idea. The thing that helps me get through looking at other moms with babies is the likelihood that many of them have gone through this already. Many people can't speak about it - too hard. It is a pain noone should have to go through. I hope you can continue to heal and I wish you luck getting pregnant again soon.


leasa - April 18

Hi Hope Sorry to hear of your losses. I also had a D & C back on 10.02.06 and my periods have definitey changed too. My first one was very early and very heavy and my second one was heavier as well but lasting the same time length as they did before. I also have a lot more cramping with them than i used to have and the blood is much fresher (sorry if TMI) I have also noticed my CM is not as abundant as it was prior to the M/C but they said to me my periods would get back to normal and they havent so far. Madison so glad you are getting similar aches to me. I also get that aching in my ovaries from prior to ovulation to AF now. I def did not have this before. I wonder why this happens. Perhaps its because of the new lining?? who knows. Today I am 1 DPO and have twinges again in my left side.. also my b___bs hurt around O now and they didnt before. I dont think they tell us these things before the D & C. I have worreid about my twinges and sometimes I regret having the D & C. My friend also had a natural M/C and her periods have changed as well. I do feel though if you are Oing and have periods, then you have a very good chance of conceiving. Good luck to everyone.


buffy2297 - April 18

HOPE my periods changed after I'd had a D&C my first one was really light and only 2 days long, second was really light and only 3 days long. I got pg before the next one but then M/C and it was very heavy. Waiting for my next period to arrive since last M/C, so I would say they definately change and it isn't coincidence. I had really heavy periods prior to my first PG.



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