Dates Or Miscarriage Query

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Angela.B.L - January 19

Hi all, my last period was 27/11/06 due to stress at work and antibiotics etc i did not question being late for my periord. However, my husband had a feeling so i did a test only last week. Instantly it was positive. My midwife calculated that i was 7/8wks pregnant and all was fine. On tue when i went for a shower i noticed blood, not a small amount but by no means a huge amount either and i was booked in for an emergency scan - i have had no more bleeding and no pain other than the dull like period pains that i have had since my dec period was due. Anyway at the scan today they said it could be a pregnancy that hasn't continued - but surely it would have come away by now or a very early pregnancy - the sac etc is there. I am very confused!! And very nervous. Could this mean that i got pregnant just before my dec period was due? Has anyone had a similar experience. I will not know if its a pregnancy that wont continue or if its an early one until my next scan which is 2 weeks away or unless i have obvious signs of a miscarriage. Thanks x


hailey07 - January 19

Have you considered a quant_tave hcg test? Your hcg levels in the first trimester should double every 48 hours or so. If your levels are within normal range and doubling I wouldn;t think that you are having a miscarriage. These levels can help you to know the gestational age of your baby. I am ccurrently going through a miscarriage and my doc diagnosed it through my hcg levels, they decreased rather than increased. But you have to remember not to make too much of these numbers, they more or less just help you to know how the placenta and baby are developing and if things are progressing. So best just to let nature take its course and look into a hcg test. Good luck and congratulations!


sharerc - January 20

It could be that you have a blighted ovum (empty sac) and the pregnancy never developed past that point. At your scan they should have been able to see a fetal pole. Did you see that? Also, don't count on the HCG tests to determine whether everything is fine or not. I had a blighted ovum and my HCG levels looked great all along, even right before my D&C. Good luck!


Angela.B.L - January 21

Thanks Hailey & Sharerc - i will ask for the hcg test, just to see if it will atleast give me some peace of mind. The wait is so stressful, i also did not realise that if it is a miscarriage it can often take a while to miscarry so thats a concern. I think i may request another scan this week as surely they would be able to detect a change and i could know from there.


sharerc - January 21

Absolutely request a new scan. When they were concerned about my pregnancy they wanted me to wait 3 weeks for another scan. Do they know what it's like to wait 3 weeks to find out if your pregnancy is going along fine! They kept saying that by then they should definitely be able to see a heartbeat. I kept saying that in a week you should see lots of improvement. So they did do another scan a week after the first one. My gestational sac continued to grow that week and did show progress. But the next week it was evident that there was no fetal pole and that's when I opted to have the D&C the very next day. I would request another scan. Sometimes you just have to tell your doctor what you want done to get things done. Keep us updated.



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