Dead Baby

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Dakotachristy84 - July 5

last year i had to have a D&C. i was 12 weeks along and went to get my first ultra sound done. the nurse said the baby didn't have a heart beat so they had to do the D&C. The dr. said that the baby was about 10 weeks old which has me still a little scared. I just got my first ultra sound of my 4th pregnancy done at 9 weeks. Now here's the question: if a baby dies inside of you does it still grow or does it stop?? I think when i go back to the dr. i am going to have them give me another ultra sound just to make sure.


sahmof3 - July 5

Dakotachristy- So sorry you had to go through this. If a baby dies inside you it does stop growing, which is probably why you were 12 weeks along, but the baby was 10 weeks- 10 weeks is probably when the baby died. With your 4th pregnancy's 9 week ultrasound, did everything look ok to the ultrasound tech? I'm not sure I understand why you want them to do another ultrasound. Or is it for rea__surance that your baby's growing normally? Either way, it shouldn't be too much longer until they can start picking up the heartbeat by doppler, and if for some reason they don't hear it, they may do another ultrasound anyway. Lots of luck with this pregnancy... Tammy


tonilee7 - July 5

Hi, when I went in for my first ultrasound, they said the baby had died at 6 weeks 3 days , but I was actually 7 weeks 5 days, My sac had kept growing but baby had stopped, so I made another appointment the following week just to be sure, and baby measured the same but sac measured 8 weeks 5 days, so my baby had died but my body haddened picked up on it so the sac kept growing like normal


tonilee7 - July 5

Sorry, I didnt answer your question, well I asked the exact same question to my doctor, and he said the baby may grow for a tiny bit after the heart stops but it will only make a day or 2 difference on the ultrasound, which mine had changed by 2 days or something like that, so I had the dreaded d/c....hope this helps


Dakotachristy84 - July 7

well i had gotten my ultrasound done and the nurse said the baby had a strong normal heartbeat which was great to hear, but i don't know if i should ask to them to do another one next time i go in. they said they don't do a 2nd one until 20 weeks. i even got a picture of the baby. My b/f's mother said it looked like a gerbil and his boss said it looked like a baby bunny so until we know what s_x it is we are calling it peter rabbit.


sahmof3 - July 7

That strong heartbeat is a great sign! With my m/c I saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks and it was abnormal, at 10 weeks it wasn't there. But, with the other 3 kids the heartbeats were normal. Peter Rabbit- cute!!



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