Death Dreams And Miscarriage

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Belief - February 19

Just out of curiousity, did anyone have any death dreams when they were pregnant and miscarried. I did. I had them about 3-4 times a week. I would see dead bodies and real creepy stuff. I'm now 5 weeks today and I've been sleeping really sound without dreaming at all. A good sign I'm hoping.


chandellina - February 19

two days before the scan where we found out the heartbeat had stopped, i dreamt i was carrying around a dead body in a big suitcase and didn't know where to put it. according to the measurements, the heartbeat had stopped 1-2 days before that dream...


Belief - February 19

My babies heart stopped at 6 wks 3 days. I had first heard the heartbeat at 6 wks. I didn't know I miscarried until week 9. Those three weeks between I keep dreaming of seeing dead bodies. Any correlation?


Whisper - February 20

About a week and a half to two weeks prior to my m/c (about the time the baby stopped developing) I started dreaming about having a m/c, and dead babies. They were very horrid nightmares.


Whisper - February 20

Oh, and I didnt know till the day before I actually m/c that I was going to either, as I hadn't yet had my first appointment.


Ella82 - February 20

With both of my m/cs i had dreams the night before i tested. With my first pregnancy i dreamt i was taking a hpt and the test line came up positive but then it faded away. With my second pregnancy the night before i tested i had a dream that i went to the bathroom and i wiped and there was bright red blood on the paper, i then called dh at work to tell him i was bleeding and he said he would come home and lay on the bed with me and hold my hand (this one pretty much came true) I started bleeding i called dh and he said almost exactly what he said in my dream.


lil-miss-saunders - February 20

Heya, i didnt have any dreams like that when i was going through my miscarriages but now that im trying for the third time im getting weird dreams! One time my period was a week late and i really got my hopes up, one night i had a dream that i woke up in a pool of blood, the next day my period came! It does seem weird.


margie - February 20

A couple of days before i found out that i was going to be miscarrying I had a very vivid dream with my mom in it. I was very close to her and she pa__sed away about a year ago and the only other time in my life I've had dream this vivid is the dream in it the night before she died and she was telling me goodbye. I still remember that dream and this one with my baby I will always remember it she was holding a baby boy and so happy taking care of him. She was in my grandfathers diner he owned and he is also dead and she was really close to him. When I woke up from this dream I felt confused because it had the same feeling as the dream where she told me goodbye. I was having spotting on and off throughout my pregnancy (I was 10 weeks when I miscarried) and when I woke up I wanted to believe the dream was telling me everything was going to be ok with my baby but at the same time I had this feeling the same as the last time...a couple days later I woke up cramping and bleeding and went to the doctors office and they did an ultrasound and said my baby died sometime that week.


linds99 - February 20

The day before my 8 week ultrasound, I had a dream and woke up suddenly from it in the middle of the night. I dreamed a dead baby's skeletal remains laying in fresh blood. Then I dreamed I was at the doctor's office and the nurses said that there was no heart beat on the scan. Of course, I woke up so scared from this dream, as it came out of nowhere, and my husband rea__sured me it was just nerves. However, the next day, at the ultrasound, the doctor measured the baby and it was measuring about 11 days behind and she said that I would likely miscarry the baby. I was devastated, but I told the doctor of my dream and she said it was "mother's premonition." Anyway, I miscarried the baby two weeks later. So seriously, I SOOOOO believe in dreams. As I had no other reason to dream this dream, I felt soooo positive the weeks and days before the dream came.


chandellina - February 20

wow, it's amazing to hear everyone's dreams. i think it makes perfect sense that our bodies transmit what they already know to our unconscious minds.


Belief - February 20

I looked it up in the dream book and it said something about losing a part of yourself. This was after I found out I miscarried.



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