Decrease In Breast Soreness

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HunnieBunch - February 7

I had a m/c last july and I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Recently my br___ts have'nt been as sore. Does this mean I'm going to have another m/c? I'm really scared.


Susan W - February 8

HunnieBunch . . . It could be okay, but it could mean your hormone levels are decreasing. You have a couple options. One, you could call your doctor and have your hormones measured a couple times, a day or two apart. HCG should be rising at a pretty fair clip for it to be a healthy pregnancy. The doctor may also want to do an u/s and see what's going on. Two, you could ride it out and see what happens, but whether or not you take that option depends on what you are comfortable with . . . . . You could be one of those lucky ladies whose b___st soreness goes away early. Are you having other pregnancy symptoms? Good luck to you.


HunnieBunch - February 8

I'm still naseaus and going to bathroom quite frequently. I go to the doctor tomorrow to have an ultrasound. About a week ago they did check my hcg levels and they more than doubled. But I am still a bit nervous. I also have not been cramping or bleeding. Am i just overreacting?


Susan W - February 8

I think the u/s is a good idea, and having other pregnancy symptoms is also good. That's great that your HCG did what it did because that's what it is supposed to do. Maybe you're just going to be fortunate; my soreness lasted for months with my first child and even wearing a bra hurt but going without was agony. And I don't think you're overreacting. I think anybody who has had a m/c is going to be supersensitive to any changes from "the book" in any subsequent pregnancy. Let us know what happens tomorrow!


HunnieBunch - February 9

Well, I just got back fro the u/s and they said everything is ok. I saw the heart beat and the tech said it was at 116 bpm. He said that is normal but I have also heard that it is on the low end. Throughout pregnancy does the fetal heart rate go up or down?


Susan W - February 9

That's awesome!! I'm so happy for you! 116 is normal. Don't stress yourself or it will make your nausea worse. <vbg> Take it easy, and good luck :)



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