Deep In The Trenches Of Grief

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sympathy - November 2

Everyone - please respect this thread for those of our sisters who are struggling with their greif and sadness. Allow them to post here without any mention what so ever about trying to get pregnant or being pregnant. Even if you mean well, please don't post it. Let this be a prenancy-free zone for them. When they are ready, I'm sure they will rejoin us in other threads. Best wishes to all.


Melissa - November 3

I agree, although sometimes it is encouraging to read about other women who have miscarried and went on to have healthy pregnancies. But yes, I do agree very much that reading about other's babies and pregnancies can be heartwrenching as well.


. - November 4



To Sympathy - November 5

Thank you for starting this thread---I wish it had been here when I had my miscarriage 3 months ago when I was "deep in the trenches". This will be helpful.


cindy - November 5

I just lost my baby girl at 28 weeks, in June. Her ultrasounds were perfect up until then. They say she had Fetal Hydrops. She was so perfect when I held her in my arms. I still can't get over it. I miss her every day of my life. My life will never be the same without Sophia. I miss you baby!!XOXOXO


brandi - November 5

Oh Cindy I am so sorry. I won't say that I know exactly how you feel because I wasn't as far along. I lost my little girl on September 8 I was 18 weeks along and even though i've had three other miscarriages this was by far the hardest because I had to give birth to her. I have never been given a reason why her little heart stopped. I got to see her but couldn't bring myself to hold her this by far was the hardest thing I've ever had to do and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy


Anne - November 5

We just lost our first little boy at 20 weeks to Hypoplastic Left Ventricle Syndrome. Having a baby seems so far away and may be never meant for us. I really don't know how to heal from this loss. A piece of me is gone with this baby, and I can't handle the pain somedays. I have been very religious throughout mylife, but now, it seems, I can't even rely on God anymore as I everyday wonder where he was when my little boy was being created?!! I love you Aran.



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