Delayed Ovulation CD 28 And Increased Miscarriage Risk

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Newbie - January 26

I have long cycles--approx. 40 days. I have read that delayed ovulation causes miscarriages. Of course my heart sank after reading that. Has anyone had long cycles and had a successful pregnancy? Thank you. -SAM


stefkay - January 27

Hi Newbie, I remember the specialist I saw in recurrent miscarriage mentioned something about this, but what is funny is that the month I conceived and it seemed to actually stick for the first time (praying it will continue that way at 17 weeks and counting) was the longest cycle I ever had. I think I ovulated at day 21-24 or something like that, so who knows. I'd at least talk to my doctor about anything you can do to shorten your cycles?


stefkay - January 27

I meant to say shorten your cycles, perhaps with fertility drugs or hormonal supplementation....not sure how all of that works...


Newbie - January 27

Hi Stef! Thanks for getting back to me about this. The last time I spoke to the doctor--he ran all the bloodwork and everything came out fine. I also had a HSG--and all was fine too. He then said I needed to gain weight. So, I have been eating like a pig--but feeling so unhealthy because I have probably been doing it the wrong way by eating Big Macs and stuff! (And it's not working.) It's just frustrating because since I am on 40 day cycles--for every time that I can try once--most people have already been able to try twice. I have a painful right ovary as we speak. The same thing happened the last time I conceived and miscarried. I'm praying that maybe it's the corpus leutuem. :) I should probably call my doctor to see what is up. But since this is only my first round of trying after my m/c--I'm wondering if they will tell me to wait to see them again. I am confident that the remainder of your pregnancy will be happy and healthy. I'm so thrilled for your pregnancy. You are going through such an exciting time. 17 weeks....wahoo!!! :)


stefkay - January 27

Thank you!!! :) That sounds about right that if you are underweight your cycles could be long. Now, watch out for the McD's though (the mom in me comes out) because I swear their stuff is soooo bad. It can affect your liver in negative ways (the fats, etc.) and the liver helps to regulate your hormones. That whole hormonal/adrenal system is effected by so so much I found out and that is why it is so necessary for you to eat healthy and avoid caffeine and nicotine, etc. when ttc. I swear it will really help your cycles and also try taking vitamins B6 and B12 in addition to a prenatal daily as that can help get things on track too. I hope you get that bfp soon!!!


Newbie - February 2

Hi Stef! Thanks for all of your help. You are so sweet. I'll be sure to lay off the McD's for awhile! (Although it's just so tempting to swing by there!) Again...I am thrilled to hear your pregnancy is going so well! You will be a GREAT mom!



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