Denial Or M C

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hailey07 - January 29

Question: My doctor told me that I was going to naturally miscarry my baby because my hcg levels weren't doubling, they decreased by about 5 pts. So I started to cramp and spot the day of my doctor's diagnosis and then I started to bleed a bit more. The catch is that I only bled for 2 days, then it just completely stopped. That was about a week/ week and a half ago, I would have been about 5-6 weeks pregnant. What I'm worried about is that I have still had pregnancy symptoms, nausea here and there, br___t tenderness, headache, and today I felt very light headed. I realize that my hormone levels could still be out of whack but to be honest I still feel pregnant. I've been trying to tell myself that this is all denial and that it just part of the grieving process, but for some reason I can't shake the feeling that there's still a baby inside there. I've started therapy, basically because I'm terrible at grieving anything, and I'm fully aware that denial is the first step, among many, of the grieving process. Again though, why all the physical symptoms? I've read a few articles and actually talked to a woman who had a "period" that lasted about 2 days then went away while they were pregnant.Has anyone ever experienced this feeling/ symptoms while going through a m/c? So called "period" during pregnancy? My doctor ordered a blood test to make sure my hcg levels have gone down to 0, I will be doing that today, and I know that I just have to wait for the results, but I need some closure here. I would never wish this experience upon anyone. I seriously give credit to those of you who have made it through this in one piece. I never thought that I could care, love, and grieve for something that I've never seen... it's brutal this process. I could realy use some advice... I've been trying little things to get me through the grief but nothing seems to really help or bring me peace of mind. Please... any helpful advice would be very much appreciated.


dukele - January 29

Hello, I just went through miscarrage last week, D&C on thursday. It is a very cruel thing the way miscarriage happens. Not only do you still feel preg for a time afterward, you are forced to watch as the "products of conseption" are discarded from your body. I had horrible cramping and pa__sing of clots with my m/c though, but the hormones stuck around in body for awhile. Even after I had the D&C I kept wondering if maybe I was still preg because I just felt like I was. I am so sorry for your loss but I hope for the best for you. It is very difficult, but let me tell you--once the hormones leave your body and the symptoms subside a bit you will find peace. The hormones serve a dual purpose in the preparation of your body. They also serve to prepare you emotionally for motherhood. They force you to love and want the thing in your body, regardless of known abnormality. I know this might sound stupid, but for me, once the hormones pa__sed I was better able to evaluate the situation with a clear head. I still cry quite freqently when I am alone, but I am learning that I am strong. My husband is supportive, but I don't think he ever understood how traumatic this kind of thing is until he saw me grieving.



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