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shy - May 9

h__lo I'm 20years old and 3 weeks ago I decided to have an abortion, i was 6weeks pregnant with my first child. My baby father didn't want me to go, on the inside I didn't want to. I felt as though i couldn't give the life she deserve, I'm struggling trying to go to college. Afterwards I was okay but like a week later I'm always crying, regreting what I did, thinking about sucide. I pray at night but feel as though god will never forgive me. I know what i did was wrong, and flashbacks just keep coming back. Since then I wanted to rush into having another baby, but I realized why I did it, Because I want to make something out of myself, want my family to be proud, and earn enough money support my child. I remeber that day, and it reminds me of all my goals that goes into having a baby. It was life and my stomach and i don't ever think i'll get over this. Did anyone else go through this, is this normal, or do i need help


a friend - May 9

shy, I have never had an abortion, but I did work at a pregnancy clinic. A number of women would go out and get pregnant after they had an abortion because they were feeling the same way you are feeling. Wheather you miscarry or have an abortion you became a mother. You are feeling, I a__sume, a sense of loss. I would recommened that you try to find someone to talk to. Many pregnancy centers have wonderful ladies that will talk to you and many have been where you are and want to see you healed. My prayers are with you.


Happy Mommy - May 10

I am pregnant with my 6th child right now. My BABY is 6 weeks old. Most drs would say it is just a clump of tissue now, but no, he/she has a beating heart and is a tiny little human being. It is good and right to have awful feelings about murdering an unborn baby. It is so sad the way Drs and others have made this some sort of 'surgical procedure." It is down right MURDER! If you are not ready for a baby DON"T HAVE s_x! If anyone really feels like "they made the right decision" after an abortion it is only because they need to try to sike themselves into thinking they did the right thing because of the guilt they carry. You will not find healing after an abortion until you realize that you made an awful choice to kill your baby. Shy, You are on the road to recovery now. I am sorry for your feelings. I really am. Your feelings are very normal. You can get through this with the help of the Lord. Ask the Lord to forgive you and give Him your life. I know for a fact that your baby is with Jesus now. He/she is not suffering. You made a terrible choice, but now you must move on. Be a voice for these poor unborn babies that have no voice. Take a stand and maybe you can save another woman the heart ache and guilt that you are feeling now. God bless you as you seek Him! HM


To happy mommy - May 10

aka disgusted huh ??


Happy Mommy and Very Disgusted - May 10

Yes, you're right!


sorry - June 30

you did what you thought you had to do. NO ONE can tell you how awfull you are or call you a murderer. God is forgiving. I to went through this at 17. my mother is dead and my dad a junkie, who can say it would have been better for me or my child. I feel sorrow 14 yrs later especially now that i have two children 4 & 2. I am married and now can provide a stable home for them one that children diserve. It does get easier and so it should. I have come to terms with my decision, i have forgivin myself but i will never forget. Happy mommy of six is rude to be so judgemental. She has not been in your situation and is obviously quite happy being a constant baby maker. And all her God talk is sad. I don't know about her God but mine forgave me before i forgave myself, he also knew I was going to do it before I was conceived....thus Jesus dying for our sins. My God forgives "happy Mommy" for her judgement as well, much sooner than I can anyway. Take care and know that as time pa__ses it will be easier, and be more careful, I have friends who have gone through this 2 and 3 times, you don't want that, my thoughts are with you


to happy mommy - July 1

You should be ashamed of yourself! This young girl is here for support and all your doing is making her feel worse. I also do not agree with abortion, but I do not judge people. Having 6 children is great if you can afford to support them. I hope you can. Do they all have the same father? If not then maybe you should start talking to God. Enough said. To Shy: I'm sorry for what you are going through. When I was a student 20 yrs old I too thought I was pg. I was confused as to what I would do. It turned out I wasn't. Please don't be so hard on yourself. Think of it as the baby that you lost. If it will help give it a name. Remember that 1/4 of all pregnancies end in miscarrage. And please becarefull. There are clinics that will give your free birthcontrol. If you are considering suicide please go see a councelor.


D - July 2

Shy I went through this ten years ago I was 16 at the time, It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make, as time goes by the guilt and sadness gets buried but It will never go away, I still think about what If, You had to make the decision that was best for you, It will be tough, you will hurt, but it does get easier and I suggest a counslor or somebody to talk to, The feelings you have are so normal I am 26 and my heart still hurts.



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