Devasted When Is It A Good Time To Try Again

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alli - February 17

I was 12 weeks pregnant when I had a complete m/c Feb 10 (no D&C) and I really want to fall pregnant again. Our Dr said it is up to us but we should wait 2-3 cycles. I want to hear from other women who fell pregnant before their cycle after m/c and are there any other useful websites on the subject.


petra - February 18

check out this website, I found it very helpfull after my m/c.


kate - February 18

I found myself extremely hormal following D&C and nothing would cheer me up more than the thought of getting pregnant soon..but after 2 weeks this eased off and now after my 1st period at 4wks...I can wait.I think 3 cycles is a good time period..enough for you to be taking folic acid, exercise , etc. and be really healthy next time around.


S- - February 18

One of my friends had a miscarriage and got pregnant (almost du


S- - February 18

sorry about that- hit the wrong b___ton...she is almost due. She got pregnant again 2 weeks after her miscarriage. Dr.'s don't recommend it, but I sure tried for it too!


mulgajill - February 18

I think (and have read on the net) one cycle is plenty.... apparently you are very fertile for the three months following m/c... i am going for it next week... now just have to get lucky....


Amy - February 18

I am currently having a miscarriage at 6w1d:(( my MD said that since I don't have to have a D&C that I could try again in 2 weeks.... the gestational sac only measured 4 weeks and I am expected to miscarry naturally.. does this sound too soon? I have heard you should wait 2-3 cycles? What advice should I listen to? Any advice is appreciated!


S- - February 18

I'm sure that your MD knows what they are talking about! There is a slight risk when getting pg. right away after m/c never heard if it was less of a risk after natural though. A friend of mine got pg/ 2 weeks after and is fine!


Amy - February 18

Thanks for responding S.! I am getting through this terrible time with the hope that I can conceive as soon as possible. I am currently going to a reproductive endocrinologist and hope that they know what is best...On top of having a miscarriage..I have to conceive via IUI due to sperm/cervical mucus problems(my cm kills my husbands sperm)..I feel as if I always get delt a bad hand of cards. It helps to hear of other people experiencing the same problems and of their successes!!! Good luck to you in your attempts to conceive!


alli - February 21

it is now almost two weeks since i m/c, physically Im back to normal except for a small pudgey reminder. Emotionally Im feeling very positive, Im back on my pregnancy vitamins and TRying to eat well and can't wait to try again after first cycle. good luck to all and keep posting!


S- - February 21

Amy I'm sorry, never heard of that before.... Are you going to follow your MD's advice and try after 2 weeks? We did- now playing the waiting game. It's very frustrating!


Lacy - February 22

I had an ectopic pregnancy - and D&C was done and after that a shot of Chemotherapy - the doctor urged me to wait unitl my first regular period - or at least 2 months before trying again. We got preggo on the first try since then. that was my experience.


S- - February 22

Well Lacy, please pa__s along some of your good luck :)


kara - February 23

Just saw my Dr today for a f/u from the d/c on 2/10/05. She told me that she tells everyone who m/c, regardless of whether they had a d/c, to wait 3 months to make sure that your uterus and hormone levels are ready to support another pregnancy. That was not what I wanted to hear from her, but I went out and bought every kind of condom at the local pharmacy (haven't needed them in 7 years and had no idea what to buy) so we don't accidentally get pregnant too soon. I would feel terrrible if I lost my next pregnancy because I was impatient and didn't give my body enough time to heal.


S- - February 23

that's true, but some obgyn's only say to wait 1. That's what mine said- he said some people say 3, but he feels that only 1 is necessary. I guessit depends upon the dr.


Kelly G - February 24

My doc was one who said we could try right I'm just playing the waiting game. Af, positive hpt - anything!! baby dust to all


Mary - February 24

I had a miscarriage in November (D&C followed by chemotheray shot to solve an ectopic pregnancy). I was urged to wait for 2 months before trying to minimize the risk of another m/c ... why would you put yourself thru more pain and suffering and risk another failure? I waited the time patiently and it was hard, and it was sad to wait ... but we got preggo on the first try since then. I took that time off to really listen to my body and ID my ovulation time. Have faith that waiting will give you better changes of a healthy baby. Do not rush into it - I am 37 trying for 1st. :)



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