Devasted When Is It A Good Time To Try Again

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mulgajill - March 15

hope you have the luck of the irish too Amy... and you are right about the waiting... pure torture... hope you have a bfp on the weekend... while stacey is having fun ttc'ing :-)


amy - March 17

Hi girls! Still waiting for af due today but nothing so far and the day is almost done! Hope to share good news soon should I test? I am afraid of seeing a BFN.. How are you guys doing? Oh..and. Happy ST. Patty's Day! I was unable to drink green beer this year...but hope it was for a good reason!!! BABY DUST****


amy - March 19

Hello all... much to my dismay, BFN yesterday w/ af to follow...I have a laperoscopy scheduled this friday. Does anyone feel like they live their lives in 2 week increments? I am going crazy!!!!!!! Maybe I need to take some time off from this conceiving roller coaster...thanks for all your help and support. Hope all is well..


stacey - March 19

Sorry Amy, I know it is such a disappointment to see that BFN- if only we could "will" a line there! I was actually taking my ovulation test yesterday thinking if this was a pregnancy test It would be positive!


stacey - March 20

Amy- thanks so much-you'll have to keep us posted after next weekend! Hubby and I are trying very hard this month. It will be very hard if we don't see that BFP, but hopefully it'll come soon. It's funny b/c everything I go through (like now I'm getting a cold) I think could I be pregnant and then I have to remind myself that I didn't even ovulate this month yet. Sigh! It really helps to be able to talk about whatever to people on these forums and they can basically know exactly what I am talking about!


Julie C. - March 20

Amy, I had a laparoscopy in Dec. It wasn't so bad . . . I was in bed for a couple days with pain, but you can live through it, definitely. I just have a little tiny scar at my navel. Good luck.


amy - March 20

Thanks Julie! I know it is just the next step to help me conceive...Have you gotten pregnant following laperoscopy? How soon were you able to try following surgery? I am having the procedure this you think I will need to take off work Monday too? Thanks for your help! Stacey, good luck to you! I know how it feels to want it so bad that your mind makes you think you are pregnant! I am just going to take a few steps back and relax a bit...this is beginning to consume me! Keep in touch!


Julie C - March 20

Amy, I had the laparoscopy in Dec and we got pregnant in Jan. Unfortunately, I miscarried in Feb at 5 weeks. I ovulated on cycle day 10 in Jan (a whole week early for me) and I think that had to do with the laparoscopy. . . Anyway, I had the procedure on a Wednesday and went into my office for an hour or two on Friday. I was moving slow, but it's more like sore stomach muscles than anything else. They puff your abdomen up with gas and it stretches the muscles . . . so it feels like you've done 1,000 sit-ups. Actually, the referred shoulder pain was the worst for me. Some gas gets trapped inside and moves around until it can work its way out. That pain often presents in your shoulder region. But, I think I only took 5 pain killers total. Plan to take it easy for Friday thru Sunday, but you'll probably be fine by Monday. Looking at the pictures at the follow up visit was strange. It's like someone took regular pictures my ovaries and uterus. My husband thought it was cool to see; I got a little queasy! How long have you been trying to conceive? Have you done a hysterosalpingogram? (Earlier today I started another discussion line on "Infertility then miscarriage" if you want to switch to that line to discuss infertility stuff . . . or here is fine.)


mulgajill - March 20

Oh Amy.... you are so right... living life in two week increments... two weeks waiting for ovulation.... two weeks waiting for af.... hope the laproscopy goes ok... and stacey... you will be counting down this 2 week increment i guess... and i dont know about the waiting one cycle or three or whatever... seems to have made no difference with me... i think it is a case of what will be will be... i find the posts here really helpful to ease the waiting torment.... now just waiting for results from my job interview.... waiting for the progesterone cream to arrive via mail... (need it by friday for 'o' day, monday here now, )... waiting for my accounting course part II application details to arrive.... waiting... waiting... :-)


stacey - March 20

Mulgajill- you are so funny! :) Yup, I am waiting for the big O time to arrive. If I go back to my old cycle this month (30 days), then I should have it this week- hopefully!!!


Kat - March 21

Hi Ladies... Something interesting I just read, if you want to read it - about trying again... I think we need to be judicious about internet info, but worth knowing and then trying to verify what we read...


stacey - March 21

Kat- that's the plan I am trying this month (sperm meets egg). Thanks for the interesting read/reminder!


Kat - March 21

Good luck Stacey! Good vibes sent your way...!! :)


stacey - March 21

Awww, thanks :) To you too!!


mulgajill - March 21

Thanks for the link Kat... just read it, very interesting... and the every second day will be better for my fella... he was a wreck last month... even commented "s_x is over-rated"... as compared to his usual "honey i'm home".... read the bit on the progesterone too... will still go ahead with it as i have the 'age' factor where hormone levels of all types are dropping off a bit, friendly pharmicist is going to tell me how to use it when i phone him (WAITING for mail) and only a VERY small amount..... thanks again.. :-)



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